[3DS.] - News: Nintendo have gone Extra Large...again...

The 3DS has now released a much bigger version of their handheld and is available in all good retail outlets right now as a bundle for £175.00

The screen is a lot wider, the handheld itself is a lot curvier and looks a little bit more classy than the original 3DS.  The touch screen home and start buttons have been replaced with real buttons and the portable itself feels a lot slimmer. Not bad eh, to say Nintendo promised us they would not be releasing an XL when the original 3DS was released.  Unless you don’t already own a 3DS, then save your money we say.  Nintendo will probably release an XXXXXXXXXXL 3DS in time for Xmas, one that you will need a horse and kart just to carry it about on.

You may have to start saving up for one of these…


Please just remember Nintendo…it’s not the size that counts…stop ripping us off.


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