So, you want to know about CoupesCorner?

It’s a gaming bananza!  We review video games, we discuss the latest gaming news and we voice our own opinions on the gaming world.

So hop inside, take a seat and grab a cup of tea!

What’s this all about then?

CoupesCorner started as a completely different blog written by Lauren ‘Lozzykinz’ Coupe. After becoming slightly popular this blog got a name change, it became CoupesCorner. She wrote and wrote about all the things she loved, from gaming, to movies and TV. After a while she wanted to take it a step further, so she ditched the freebie blog and set up home here with the hopes of expanding her viewers and gaining people with writing skills from all walks of life (and all walks of the planet).

The site is paid for by Lauren and has no affiliation with anyone other than the people who read it and write it.

So, why are our reviews so late? Well, we here in the Corner have real lives, we go to work, have families and friends and so we don’t have much in the way of spare time. Every game we review we’ve purchased with our hard earned money and spent our precious spare time playing it. This of course takes a fair amount of time, we don’t like doing reviews on things that we’ve barely used, so often a review appears after the games been out a few weeks (or months, occasionally years). This of course gives us a different perspective on our gaming when compared to commercial reviews as we’ve actually invested our money and spare time into them.

We do hope you enjoy your stay in the Corner, have a browse and do visit us again soon. If you’d like to try your hand at writing something, get in touch!


About the Author

CoupesCorner is website dedicated to all things gaming and Turkey Dinosaurs. Fancy seeing your words on our site? Apply to write for us now on the contact page!