Alienware Anticipation!

Aliens Are Coming!

I’ve gone and done it folks, I have gone and purchased a £1,450 Alienware Aurora!  I have wanted an Alienware for years now, and although I must admit the designs on them have gone downhill since Dell took over, I am still impressed by the swanky glow up cases and amazing specs.

I have mine built to glow purple, but I can change it at any time.

The beautiful Alien should arrive in 3 days time, weather permitting (stupid snow), and I cannot wait!  I have been adding little things to it before it’s even arrived!  I bought a new wide-screen Benq monitor and a nice Xbox pad so I am able to play those three free games I have coming with it (yes, I said THREE! And yes, I said FREE!).  These are Farcry 3, Hitman and Sleeping Dogs.

My Witcher 2 has been crying out for a gamepad so I cannot wait to to see how that looks, along with my Skyrim, on top-notch graphics!  Skyrim will forever be keyboard and mouse, seeing as that’s how the Elder Scrolls was originally intended.

My new pad looks very ‘alien-like’ and is ready for Hitman!

Bring on the aliens!

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