Beyond Two Souls

[Review] Review: Can the Heavy Rain gang create another movie playing master piece?
The Details
  • Title: Beyond Two Souls
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Quantic Dream
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Released: 11 October, 2013
  • Platforms: PS3
  • Reviewed On: PS3

This is probably one of the best games I have ever played.  The games story  has stuck with me and made me cherish my life and the people around me more.  I never thought a game could give me hope and drive me to so much emotion like this game has done.

The game has been developed by the creators of interactive movie/game Heavy Rain and this plays just like that.  You control a young woman named Jodie.  She has a friend called Aiden, however he is no normal human.  He is in fact a spirit of some kind that Jodie has carried along with her since birth.  You get to control Aiden, often more so than Jodie.  He can be very destructive, scares people and protects Jodie like no other.  You start to feel for Aiden the more you control him.  He floats about like an orb, leaving behind a purple trail.


Aiden floats about like an orb. But just who is he?


You will constantly go back and forth within the story, from Jodie’s childhood, to her teenage years, all the way through to modern-day.  It can sometimes be hard to follow, but it all seems to slot into place halfway through.  The game changes and develops based on your decisions.  All of the outcomes are different, making for at least one more play through.

Quick time events are very frequent.  If you are not a fan of them, then do not buy this game.  Pressing triangle and circle a few times to escape an enemy or dodge a falling rock or something like that might not be to everyone’s taste.  It doesn’t bother me, for I am all about the story instead of going around shooting things strategically with a gun.

The game has fantastic voice acting and this is all down to its two main stars.  Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page give the game so much emotion and help turn it into a gripping storyline.  These two make the game what it is, for if it wasn’t for the pleasant voice acting, I don’t think this story could have lived up to expectations.


Dafoe looks fantastic as a game character. Would be great to see more actors do this.

Jodie (Ellen Page) gets taken away at a young age to a laboratory where a couple of scientists (one being Dafoe) do tests on her, give her a home inside the lab and raise her.  She becomes close friends with the pair over the years and the connection between them all is lovely to see develop as the game progresses.

The graphics are visually captivating.  It not only plays like a movie, it looks like a movie.  The colour palette in the different chapters are wonderful.  One scene, Jodie can be in a beautiful orange desert with bright blue skies. the next she could be in a busy wet street with glorious looking puddles that you just want to touch.


I love the colour palette in this scene

The only problem I had, was the camera angle when controlling Aiden.  You get to walk through walls as him and that can sometimes lead to frustration when the camera flies about all over the place.  It just seemed a little too sensitive for my liking.  But that’s the only bad thing I have to say.

If you are more about the story and less about the game, then this is definitely one for you.  The story still haunts me and this is one game I would love to play through again to experience the different outcomes and it’s also one game I would love to see turned into a real film.

Fantastic stuff.


  • Visually stunning
  • Fantastic storyline
  • Great acting
  • Annoying camera at times when controlling Aiden
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