Could This Be The Most Embarrassing Game In The World???

Want to see the most shittiest game in the world?


(Coughs loudly)

(Looks uneasily around the room)

What is this garbage that has been planted firmly on my desk?  Oh…it’s the game I sent off for when I was 11 years old is it from the popular music magazine Smash Hits?  Oh…er…right.

This game can only be explained in one word: Shit.

Okay, I loved it at the time, I was 11 years old for goodness sake!  I’m not going to do a review here…I don’t even think it is possible to do a review in the review section…no, please don’t make me! No! Dear God! Noooo!



P:S: Lozzykinz remembers this line from one of the songs fondly and has it on her ipod ‘all I want is to have you next to me, all I want is to see you smile, all I want is to know that chemistry, is there for you and meeeeee!’

BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Get off the stage!!!


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