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[Preview] NaytoE play's the DOOM Open Beta and shares his thoughts.
The Details
  • Title: DOOM
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: id Software
  • Publisher: Bethesda Sorftworks
  • Released: 13 May, 2016
  • Platforms: PC XBox One PS4
  • Reviewed On: PC

Ah, DOOM, the classic first person shooter that started a revolution in gaming. I have such fond memories of that game terrifying me at such a young age The fast paced combat, the jump scares and some crazy imp guys throwing fire at your face. Such good memories.

This weekend the latest version of DOOM hit open beta for the masses to delve into, and delve into I certainly did! I fired up the game with hopeful anticipation, wondering what joys I would find inside (I did have access to the closed alpha and beta, but I couldn’t try them due to life commitments). The open beta lets us test out the multiplayer part of the game and upon first launch into the menu, the first thing that strikes me is not ” oh, DOOM!” but: “Oh, HalOOM?” (yes, that’s Halo and DOOM mixed).


Oooh, Master Chief customisation! Seriously, is it the same artist?


You can customise your avatar with various armour pieces and change the various colours and patterns on said armour, just like Halo, but that’s not the reason I thought Halo. I mean, look at that armour, it just screams Halo, it doesn’t say anything remotely like DOOM. It’s cartoony and over the top, just like Halo (which I should point out I love). You can add scratches and dirt to it though, unlike Halo, so that’s unique I guess. This customisation carries over to the weapon side of things as well, allowing you to add some personality to your weapons. I went for a red/yellow bee hive pattern and carried it over to everything.


Look at my lovely pattern!


There’s some other parts that you can customise, but I didn’t play with those as they’re locked, and I didn’t play enough to unlock them because… Well, read on.

Multiplayer is your standard console type, i.e./ sh*t match-making. You simply choose your game-type and click find game. The game then finds you some people to play with, simple, right? Well, yes, overly so. The game disregards anything to do with skill and simply finds the first available folk, in my first match there was me, a newb, against various levelled players, some of which were level 30+. I chose Team Deathmatch as my first game, becuase, team. I figured I would be carried or at least have a chance at not getting my face melted. WRONG! The game decided to split the teams evenly, and when I say evenly, what I mean is split the players in a completely f*cked up way. All the highest leveled (and therefore more experienced) players were lumped into one team, and all us newb’s into the other. Our highest level player was 8, against level 30+ players. It was a fair fight, finishing up  75 – 12 (that’s kills by the way). We were destroyed, and no wonder really, most of us had no idea what we were doing.

For example, you can change into a demon some how, still not sure how, but the enemy team did it pretty rapidly and annihilated us swiftly. The demon is a Revenant and has the almighty ability to 1-hit-kill you, not that it was required to kill a team of newbs, but at least it made the match end faster.


Demon death! ROAR! Yeah, it actually sucks to be on the receiving end.


My next 2 matches didn’t go any better and I can honestly say, at no point during my time in those matches did I enjoy myself. Not a single second, not even when I got a ridiculous double jump rocket kill. The game just feels boring. It’s slow, floaty and lacking of personality. The levels are dull and filled with silly, neon pick-ups that shine out like something from Far-Cry: Blood Dragon. Though the pick-ups are massively limited, there’s no weapon pick-ups any more, you’re limited to 2 weapons in your loadout and that’s it. Then all your can do is pick up ammo. This isn’t an inherently bad thing, but when your main weapons are the Plasma Cannon and the Rocket Launcher, those weapons lose their power and expected devastating effects in the name of ‘balance’.



The weapons have no feed back and the Rocket launcher is a great example of this. With it being a main weapon now, it has about as much impact as a soft nugget-turd bouncing off the bowl of the toilet. Your enemies will laugh off your rocket hits and pummel you in the face with the ever so over powered sniper rifle. Why? Well, because, sniper rifle. The Plasma Cannon is the same, scoring 6 damage on hit. You could do more damage by p*ssing on them.

This lack of anything special leads to boredom. The maps are boring clichés, lacking anything distinct or noteworthy. The movement is slow and floaty, making navigation feel tedious. The weapons are just bland. The match-making is a terrible joke that has absolutely no excuse to be as bad as it is. The character design is a straight rip-off of Halo, lacking any of the grit I expected from DOOM. The game modes are the same tired bore-fest that every half-arsed developer slaps into a multiplayer game. And Now I’ve hit my self-imposed 800 word minimum.


To wrap it up simply: it’s just f*cking boring. If it wasn’t, there’d be a HD Gallery at the bottom of here, like every other game I do a review on. But there isn’t.



  • Graphics look good.
  • Customising your colours is fun for about 10 minutes.
  • It only crashed once.
  • Great for fans of mediocre multiplayer deathmatch games.
  • Player movement is slow and floaty.
  • Weapons feel like pea shooters. There's no weight or force behind your shots.
  • Limited "trendy" load-outs. No more 10 weapons on your back, no pick-ups, nothing. Just 2 guns, that's your lot.
  • Limited game modes that are outdated and just plain boring.
  • Match making can take forever and to make matters worse, skill levels aren't taken into account. Enjoy being pummelled by no-life wasters still living at home.
  • It's f*cking boring.
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