Elder Scrolls Online Editions

[News] Bethesda's anticipated MMO will soon be upon us

It will soon be upon us where Bethesda present to us their very own online spectacular The Elder Scrolls Online.

Arriving on PC (4.4.14) and Next Gen consoles (June 2014), Bethesda are hoping to sway their fan base into a world of monthly fees and online chat-ups with friends.  The monthly fee of £8.99 may put a lot of people off, but the first month will be free to those who purchase the game.

You can download the game digitally from Bethesda directly at http://elderscrollsonline.com/en-uk/preorder this gives you the opportunity to grab either the standard edition  or the imperial edition with the fantastic gift of also getting to play 5 days before official release.

You can also purchase the retail edition from http://elderscrollsonline.com/en-uk/preorder which has a mouth-watering Imperial Edition available that includes a 12″ inch statue of in-game character Molag Bal as well as a stunning art book.

The Imperial Edition is coming our way soon – so we hope to see you all in Tamriel shortly!

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