ESO 5 Day Early Access Starts Now!

[News] Tamriel finally awaits...

For those of you who pre-ordered the special editions of ESO you get to play the game in advance before release on 4.4.14.

The free access started on the 30.03.14 and allows players to start their campaign early before launch.  I am enjoying it at the moment but I still feel slightly hurt by the bugs that still linger in the game.  One of the missions is impossible to complete at the moment because the enemies will not spawn.  This  isn’t game breaking however, for you can get on with other things,  but annoying? Hell yes.

Only time will tell how long this MMO will stand the test of time when it comes to the monthly subscription fee.  I do however know of a few people who have purchased this, mainly Elder Scrolls fans.  So if Bethesda can keep the fans happy, then hopefully it could be here for a long time coming.

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