ESO Console Delay

[News] ESO Fails To Deliver, Literally...

Next gen console owners who were looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online this summer, now have to wait even longer as Zenimax have pushed it back six months.  That seems like quite a long time to wait and we are pretty sure this wasn’t a decision they came up with overnight.  Have the players been left in the dark over this all these weeks?

As a bonus, players get to import their character onto their consoles if they buy the game before the end of June on pc.  To prevent them having to pay twice for the game, the game on the next gen after already purchasing it on pc will be £12.99 only, plus another thirty day free trial.  I’m not sure hard-core console fans would want to purchase a pc version, not all have gaming computers powerful enough.  But, the offer is there and it seems that’s what fans are having to deal with at the moment.

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