ET Found In A Desert.

[News] Follow the documentary of the discovery of this game on Xbox.

Back in 1982, ET was a household name and spotted on merchandise around the world.  Just like today, whenever there is a hit movie, along follows a not so  hit game released ready to cash-in on the popularity of the film.  I don’t think I am yet to play a game that is based on an actual movie that has been even half decent.  Seems as though it has always been that way, even before I was born.

ET The Extra Terrestrial has a lot to answer for in terms of the demise of the Atari and the cause of the video games crisis suffered in 1983.  Sales and reviews were so poor, that unsold copies of the game were rumoured to have been buried in an actual desert.  Yep.  Not a bin.  Not a compost heap.  Not even blown up.  But a desert.  However odd this may sound, it was all a bit urban legend to begin with.  It has since been found after a group of diggers went in search of the truth!

You can follow the whole story soon, coming this Summer to the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

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