Everybody’s Golf

[Ps Vita.] Review: SONY exclusive Everybody's Golf is a popular series, so let us grab our clubs and test it out on the Vita courses.
The Details
  • Title: Everybody's Golf
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Clap Hanz
  • Publisher: Sony
  • Released: 22 February, 2012
  • Platforms: PSVita PS3
  • Reviewed On: PSVita

Everybody’s Golf is a bright, colourful golf game exclusive to Sony. It is a popular series, but how does the latest installment fair on the PS Vita?

One of the Vita’s greatest features is its beautiful wide touch screen, so I was slightly disheartened when I figured that this game didn’t make much out of that feature.  It’s mainly D-pad and buttons throughout, which in a way feels almost like an opportunity gone begging for Sony here.  But that’s a slight flaw, and one that can be forgiven by decent gameplay, which this game has.

The game itself is difficult, even on some of the easiest difficulty options it can be a challenge, especially to newcomers of the series.

The game is beautiful looking and is on par graphically with Everybody’s Golf for the PS3.  As you advance, you unlock new golfers, clubs, balls, clothes and courses. The game does become more challenging as you progress.  I especially love the animations and the game doesn’t take itself too seriously with its cartoon image.

The game’s character screen shows different clubs, clothes and balls to unlock. This gives you something to aim for.

One thing that does disappoint me on this game however, is the lack of players online.  This has quite a big online community on the PS3, but the Vita version seems to be lacking somewhat and every time I have been online, there has only been up to one person online with me at a time.  It would also have been nice to have had a multiplayer option where you could share the same Vita with your friend whilst taking it in turns to do your shot.  But with the lack of multiplayer games around now that doesn’t involve having to play online, this doesn’t surprise me that the feature to play with a friend in the same room is missing.

The courses are very colourful and graphically pleasing on the eye.

All in all, it’s a typical golf game, with lots of beautiful courses to pick from, but is very challenging and I have been known to have given my Vita a little thump in frustration at it at times.  If you suffer with anger management problems, then do not play this game.  If however, you do not suffer with anger management problems, you will do after this game!  But it’s all worth it…eh?

  • Great graphics.
  • Fun, for a golf game.
  • Difficulty is somewhat steep.
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