Fable III

[XBox 360, PC] - Review: Lionhead slap us in the face with another Fable, does it still retain its charm and enjoyability?
The Details
  • Title: Fable III
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Lionhead Studios
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Released: 29 October, 2010
  • Platforms: PC XBox 360
  • Reviewed On: XBox 360

‘No you won’t fool the children of the revolution’.

This game couldn’t get more British if Lord British tried to throw a bottle of Britishness all over it.  British humour is very evident in this game (this review will contain the word British a lot) and to make it even more British, Mr Molyneux has brought in some great British stars to do the voice acting.  Included are the likes of John Cleese, Jonathon Ross (Eww!), Simon Pegg and Stephen Fry.  Having John Cleese in the game just makes the game even better for me as a fan.  He plays your butler, and he is more or less in the game the whole way through.  He also likes to randomly repeat things and tell you that you have new clothes in your wardrobe when in fact you haven’t… but it’s John Cleese, how can you possibly get mad at this silly error?

John Cleese should be turned into one of these!

Stephen Fry carries his character Reaver through to Fable III from the second game, and oh how wonderfully evil he is! So pompous and witty too!  The opening scene made me chuckle, as a poor chicken humourously escapes near death on several occasions.  Chickens pop up a lot in this game, possibly inspired by the chickens that were in the early Zelda games.

The Manly Hero, being arressted, all manly… Except that haircut.

So what about gameplay? Well, it is pretty much the same as Fable 2, you follow the golden trail to your next destination and you fight bad guys on the way with either melee weapons, guns or magic.  Of course, the RPG element is still there where you can buy houses, have jobs, get married, have children and even catch sexually transmitted diseases! The world feels bigger and there are much more thing to do in this game compared to Fable II in terms of side quests.  You also still have your dog.  When you pause the game, it takes you to your sanctuary where John Cleese is waiting for you.  Here you can change your outfit, weapons, apply new tattoos, hair and spells.  The trophies you find in the game will be proudly displayed in your trophy room inside the sanctuary for Mr Cleese to clean and polish.  There are some not very nice changes too.  For instance, you cannot give gifts just on the off-chance to strangers anymore.

Fighting is still spectacular and exciting

The interaction side of the game feels a lot more toned down than it does in Fable 2.  The golden trail sometimes breaks too, and we are hopefully going to receive a patch for this soon.  You could be on your way to do a mission, and the golden trail will just randomly vanish and you don’t know which direction to go in next.  The dog can still be annoying.  He might be cute, but there’s nothing worse than him barking for treasure when there isn’t even any nearby, or it is miles back to where you just came from!  Also gone are the inventory menus.  In fact, there are no in-game menus at all, everything has to be done back at the sanctuary – just a pause button away!  However this annoyed me because I didn’t know how many potions I was actually carrying or what food supplies I had. -[N: “You can only carry one at a time, no matter how many pockets your jacket has. This, in my opinion, was one of the worst design choices, along with making my character talk.”]

The towns are once again beautiful, vibrant and full of character, something so few games manage to pull off

If you go straight to the main quest and don’t do any side missions, the game will only last you about a day or two if that.  If you are however an RPG lover and enjoy doing side quests, learning more about the story and building your character up to be stronger, then this game will last you weeks.  So what do the American’s think to this British game? I understand that they hated the ‘British flag pants’ in Fable 1.  For me, being British myself, playing this game makes me feel at home.  This game isn’t serious, it is fun!  If you’re not British, you probably won’t ‘get it’ as much, but if you are a true Brit, then what are you still doing here on the Internet?!  Get off and play the wonderfully, delightful, awesome-able, British game that is Fable III!

What are you still doing here? Go on! Go! Be gone! Tsk!

  • It's British! And fun!
  • Improves on the previous games in almost every way.
  • Still not enough content. You run out of side quest too soon.
  • No reason for going back to previous areas as there's not much to do there really.
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