Fallen Enchantress

[Review] There's always an army better than your own...
The Details
  • Title: Fallen Enchantress
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Stardock
  • Publisher: Stardock
  • Released: 23 October, 2012
  • Platforms: PC
  • Reviewed On: PC

Platform: PC

Year: 2012

If you are into strategy games that keep you entertained for hours, then this is for you.  It has taken a lot of its ideas from the Civ games, but it works really well.

You pick a city, you pick a leader, you form a party.  You travel around the map in turns like you would in a board game, and you collect equipment, carry out quests and explore.

The game is difficult, and I will recommend that to start off with you play on an easy level to get used to the basics.  I have since upped the cap to normal difficulty and things have been going okay.  Well, that was until the computers party decided to get a stronger army than mine overnight! Heroes of Might and Magic all over again I thought, as the computers party destroyed my army in one.  It was okay though.  I reformed an even stronger army and took two of his towns.  He got them back though…at the moment it is just a constant battle between us.  He takes my town, I take his etc. It is all good fun!

You can choose to fight the battles yourself, or just allow the outcome to take place on its own.  If fighting a quest battle though, you have to do the battle yourself.  The battle system is turn-based, and Heroes of Might and Magic fans will be very familiar with the settings.


This is what the battle system looks like. Tiles are present and is turn-based.

Other parties will ask if you want to trade with them and this all has an effect on the friendships developed between you.  Trespass on their land, or refuse a treaty, and they could become violent towards you.  Just like in Civ.

There are so many options in the game.  You can choose how big you want the map to be, the mentality of the computers party, the difficulty of the game, the colours of your parties uniform. and you can also create your leader and give him a background story.  Mine lost his whole family to the Plague whilst he was out fishing…what?  His story brings a tear to my eye…okay?


Character selection screen. This is where you get to develop a background story and pick a profession.

The only thing that is missing from this game, and it really would be much better for it, is an online multiplayer system.  Strategy games are so much more fun online and this is crying out for it.  Why they never even thought about putting this in the game is beyond me.

Graphically, it isn’t the best and most PC’s should be able to run it fine.  It has quite a cartoon element to it, which gives it a nice appeal.

If you are a fan of Civilization or Heroes of Might and Magic, then I can’t recommend this game enough.  It does involve a lot of time though, so book a few days off work and jump into a world of swords and magic!  Just don’t blame me when you get sacked.


  • A brilliant fantasy strategy game.
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Takes chunks of your life away.
  • No multiplayer.
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