Fallout: New Vegas

[Multi Plat.] - Review: War, War never *KABOOOOOOM!* *PEW PEW!* etc... Bethesda's Fallout returns, but it's not Bethesda's.
The Details
  • Title: Fallout: New Vegas
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Publisher: Bethesda
  • Released: 22 October, 2010
  • Platforms: PC XBox 360 PS3
  • Reviewed On: PC

I have been a Fallout fan since the first game.  I remember it well, the tiny pixellated characters, the bird’s eye view, the turn-based character movement/fighting, and not forgetting the incredible story line and wonderfully thought out side quests.  The game had it all.  Fallout 2 was also great, and I loved the fact that the annoying time limit you had in Fallout 1 to do the main quest in had gone.  But that’s all in the past, and they will always be loved for nostalgic reasons.  And the prostitutes.


Fallout New Vegas is everything you could want and expect from a Fallout game.  Fallout 3 was quite a disappointment for me, as it just didn’t have that Fallout ‘feel’ to it.  It felt rushed, and I didn’t like having to come across Super Mutants everywhere I turned whilst still a level 1 character.  Fallout New Vegas ‘feels’ like a Fallout game, and that is not surprising seeing as the original creators ‘Obsidian’ are behind it.  Okay, so in terms of gameplay it isn’t much different to Fallout 3 at all, but the environments and the world just seems more ’Falloutesque’.  People have complained that the map is smaller in comparison, but I disagree, it is smaller width ways yes, but it makes up for that in length.  There are more places to discover, more people to meet and there are side quests to do just about everywhere you turn.  You also get to choose how you want to end the game.  What faction you decide to team up with changes the games outcome at the end.  If you don’t agree with how any of the factions go about their work, you can just kill them all and rule the wastes by yourself.  Las Vegas is bright, bubbly and exciting.  When you enter it, it’s like entering a new world for it is totally different to the wasteland.  Bright lights shine down on you, music can be heard from all angles – and then there is Mr House.  Mr House is in charge of the whole Strip in Vegas and if you want, you can side with him.  He’s not that much of a nice fella though when you get to know him…

The Police robots pack a punch, especially later on

Anyway, enough babbling.  The main quest is great.  You are a courier, and you have been asked to deliver a very special package.  On your way however, you are shot in the head by Benny (a nasty little crook) and buried alive, where then a  robot happens to come along, digs you up, and for you then to awake in a lovely desert town. Watch out for that tumbleweed!  It is then up to you to find answers. What was in the package that was so important Benny wanted you dead? Why did the robot dig you up? How the Hell are you still alive? Time for revenge, Benny…

The weapons are as stupidly huge as ever

Obsidian have included a nice little element in the game where you get to create your own weapons and special types of ammo on work benches that can be found in towns, and where you can make food out of ingredients you collect out in the wastes – if you can fnd a campfire.  My only criticism is that there seems to be a lack of them.  These elements however make the game feel more about survival, and we like that, don’t we?  There is a hardcore mode, which allows you to play the game in style!  You have to drink out of your water bottle and eat regularly, or else your time is up.  If you’re into games like ‘STALKER SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL’ then this mode might be for you.

This guy looks familiar…

The game has a lot of replay ability, because each time you play it, you can join a different faction and get a different ending.  You can be good, or you can be evil.  There are hours of fun/gameplay to be had from this game and I am sure it will be more of a hit with the old school Fallout fans more than Fallout 3 was.

The graphics however haven’t really moved on from Fallout 3 as Bethesda are too lazy to change their engine, which is what it’s running off.  The engine is more or less still the same one that was used for Oblivion! For some people though, this is not necessarily a bad thing because some like to think that graphics are a last resort, and rightly so.  But if you are not one of them people, then you may have to have some harsh words for Bethesda.  All in all though, it’s a great game, with great replay value, lots of gameplay hours, lots of side quests, lots of story and lots of adventuring.

Now get yourself out into the wastes!


  • Improves on the previous game.
  • The tweaks to the combat and gun-play make for much more entertaining and engaging gameplay.
  • Hardcore Mode turns it into a real survival game.
  • The map is much more interesting, with less brown, empty wasteland between locations.
  • Graphics still the same.
  • Allot of recycled content from the old game.
  • Map's smaller, but see the Pro's.
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