It has certainly been a couple of months since we updated…quite a lot of months since i personally updated to be honest! 

Anyway, I’ve been searching through a few things of mine…well actually, I’ve been scurrying through the rubbish that has accumulated over the months in my computer desk, whilst taking a break from assassinating people in Skyrim.  Skyrim seems to be my second life right now.

I found these!  Original Grim Fandango and Fallout discs! Just a real shame I don’t have the retro boxes they came in originally. Remember when PC games used to look so exciting? You’d get home from PC World with a beautiful glossy box as big as your arm, with artwork spanning the front and back…oh how I miss them.

16142944_10158078335280693_6714583106656052525_nGrim Fandango is a game i now have on the PS4, but when this baby came out originally, I was amazed by its graphics and game play.  It played just like a point and click cartoon, and even though I had played games similar, nothing came close to its graphics back in the day from that genre.

Then I decided to fangirl over my Elder Scrolls stuff…I must clarify, that I do also own the big dragon that came with the collectors edition of Skyrim, but quite frankly I didn’t think it was very good to put on the shelf in the gaming room, as it’s just not that well made. So it is up in the loft. The box is in my mothers loft, who claims it isn’t, yet I claim it is and we keep going back and forth on that argument. Anyway!  Personally I think ESO is the best collectors out there.  Look at the statue…and that art book behind, that is the best collectors book I have ever set my hands on.

Do you have a fangirl or fanboy series?


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