Fifa 14 (Next Gen)

[Review] FIFA arrives on Next Gen, we take a look
The Details
  • Title: FIFA 14
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: EA Canada
  • Publisher: EA
  • Released: 29 November, 2013
  • Platforms: PC XBox One PS4 XBox 360 PS3
  • Reviewed On: PS4

I will admit, I haven’t played Fifa for a number of years now, only purchasing this one because I wanted to see how different the visuals looked on the PS4 version, and also because White Hart Lane was now included as a stadium!

Firstly, the visuals do look better than they do on the standard xbox 360 and ps3 versions, but not massively.  The main improvement has been with the crowd.  They now look more 3D, they don’t all move like robots in tandem with each other and it looks rather impressive.  The players look pretty life-like, although only the more ‘popular’ players have been worked on the most it feels.  Some of the more lower league players are still suffering from ‘Lego hair’.


Certain players look extremely life like

The commentary is still a long way away from perfect.  I will give you a fine example.  I had played roughly 10 games at the start of the season.  Annoying Alan Smith barks on about how I haven’t won a single match yet during the campaign.  Well, I am sorry Alan, you Arsenal loving man, but I know I have won some matches during the campaign so shut your noise!

Jeff Stelling (Mr Countdown and Soccer Saturday presenter) also has a little commentary slot in the game.  He remarks after the match whether or not it was enjoyable or not and he introduces you to a full classified list of the results, which are read out to you by another co-presenter.  I think the result commentary is a clever addition and I also like the fact that during the matches, if a team has scored elsewhere, the commentators take you around the grounds so you can hear about that goal.  It’s got some clever additions in it that work very well indeed, but it is yet again flawed by silly commentary.


White Hart Lane is now included

Injuries are now more frequent in the game.  This was something I disliked about Fifa 12 (last FIFA I played) for players hardly got injured and when they did they didn’t seem to be out for long periods of time.  In this one, a player can be out  for up to 6 weeks or more.  If a player goes down injured, you get a replay showing you how he fell, what the cause was, and the commentary team let you know what part of his body is injured.  Again, this is something I really love and makes the game so much more realistic.

I have noticed that this version of the game seems a lot harder than the last game I played (FIFA 12).  I thought it might be because I am out of practice having not played last years version, but it seems it’s not just me who says this.  A lot of players who are used to playing on World Class have had to switch it down to Professional mode due to the game being a little bit too hard.

Apart from the usual career mode that has multiplayer and single player features, there are Ultimate Team modes, where you create a team via collecting cards with in-game points.  You can then merge your team together using these different player cards and take them online to earn more points.  This has been a feature that has been in the game a few years now, and it is still one of the strongest additions.


Ultimate Team is still as popular as ever

Be A Pro mode is still included, where you create your very own footballer and take him up in the leagues and online seasons mode is always good fun where you get to face opponents online that are of a similar skill level to yourself.

The soundtrack is still pretty awful, blaring out some R&B tracks that only a true professional footballer would probably enjoy, but thankfully you can turn the music off in the options section.  You can also involve yourself in little training tutorials that are a lot more in-depth than  the previous versions’ arena mode.  Now you get to run in between cones, aim shots at individual nets sectioned around the pitch and hit targets in the net.  This is good match practice, but not something you need to master.

Of course, with the PS4 share button it is always great to capture an amazing goal scoring moment, something we have been playing around with a lot (Link to our first multiplayer goal below!)

This is probably the best FIFA game out there at the moment  Possibly the best FIFA game made so far.  If you are lucky enough to have a next-gen console and you’re into the footy, then I highly recommend this.  It’s addictive, fun, nice on the eye, but still flawed with absurd commentary remarks.


  • Better graphics.
  • More realistic
  • Still bugs with the commentary. That's just the 4th year in a row, don't worry EA.
  • Still not enough content.
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