Gone Home

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  • Title: Gone Home
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: ?
  • Publisher: ?
  • Released: 6 November, 2014
  • Platforms: PC
  • Reviewed On: PC

It is 1995 and you have just come home from your trip abroad to your parents’ new house.  You can’t wait to see them, and I suspect you want to have a good old catch up before settling into your new bedroom.

But, where has everybody vanished to?  There doesn’t seem to be a soul about and all that can be heard is the wicked weather outside lashing throughout the whole house.  The ex Bioshock developers have really touched an emotion in me with this one.  The nostalgia is warming, with the 1990’s references about tv shows I liked, cassette tapes on display around the house and other little bits and pieces that you used to take for granted.  Yes, you can explore just about everything in this point and click adventure around your parents’ spooky new mansion.

The mansion was inherited but it has a spooky past.  You reveal more about the history of the house the more you look around.  Your sister, Sam, has left a few notes wandering about the place, whilst some I found a chore to read, a few of them do give off a bit of entertainment.  I especially love her Street Fighter fetish, and she refers to the Nintendo a lot, which brought a smile to my face.  When I searched her bedroom, I was warmed to find the Chun Li special moves jotted down on a piece of paper.  Warm, fuzzy nostalgia.


Oh my…it’s a cassette!

A lot of items you pick up do nothing.  It just allows you to examine them more closely, so you get a ‘oh I remember that!’ feeling emerge and go giddy.  The house has an eerie feel to it, and I sometimes fool myself into thinking I saw a shadow of somebody down the hall, when in fact it was just the lighting effects.

The game isn’t very long and can be completed in about two hours, which is quite disappointing for a game with lots of potential to maybe open up a bit more.  Would be nice to explore out of the house once in a while.  It did keep me entertained though, if only for the nostalgic reasons.  If you were not a 1990’s kid then this may not appeal to you as much.


Here’s your fam! And you…

As far as point and click adventures go, the story isn’t very deep but the exploration levels and the excitement of finding something you remember from your own childhood keeps the game moving.

A warm nostalgic game that can often leave you with that fuzzy feeling. If you were a 1990’s kid, then this will suit you. Perfect for those Halloween nights. Short, but very sweet.



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