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[PC.] - Review: Can the anticipated MMO deliver?
The Details
  • Title: Guild Wars 2
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: ArenaNet
  • Publisher: NCsoft
  • Released: 28 August, 2012
  • Platforms: PC
  • Reviewed On: PC

This MMO was released a couple of days ago and I am going to leave you with my first impressions.  As you all know, us lot at the Corner play a lot of WoW and I was quite hesitant in getting into another MMO for the concern of it not being able to live up to WoW’s standards.  However, with the success of Guild Wars 1, and the fantastic sales Guild Wars 2 has already made, I decided to give it a go.

The visuals are really nice to look at.  It is nice to have a medieval more mature look about the graphics when it comes to an MMO.  It helps engage you more, and gives the game more realism.

The game has stunning visuals. The best any MMO has to offer so far.

It has everything WoW has to offer, minus the mounts.  It can be a chore having to walk around most places, but this is probably why Guild Wars 2 benefits from their fast travel system.  This makes it easier to travel around the large map and you can find yourself back at the city repairing your weapons or doing some cooking before you know it just by the click of a button.  You also have the option of fast travelling out of a dungeon once cleared.  These are things that WoW suffers from, although it could be argued that walking everywhere is more realistic than just fast travelling over a map.

There are lots of classes to choose from in comparison to the lacklustre choices in the first game.  Altogether there are eight classes, maybe with more introduced under dlc later.  A list of classes are below.









I made a Warrior class because they have the better choice of weapons, and with it being my first character, I thought it was the easiest option.  You gain Exp to level up, which is familiar now for all rpg games of this era.  When you level up, you can unlock new skills and wear better armour/use better weapons.

They have taken a leaf out of WoW’s book and introduced crafting, fishing and even cooking in the game.  I chose to be a weaponsmith/armoursmith as a warrior needs her best equipment!  The more you craft, the better you get as you level up in that chosen field which then allows you to create better items.

You can craft weapons, create jewellery and cook.


There is a Trading Post where you can trade with other players.  However, with the game only just being released, it is going through some teething problems and the Trading Post is currently down for maintenance.  With the game being new, and running on lots of servers around the world, it is expected of an MMO to experience early problems.  I have had crashing to desktop problems every thirty minutes, sometimes with the blue screen of death.  This has but a dampener on my gameplay experience, but I have every faith that the game will be patched shortly.  Remember the early days of WoW?

So what’s the story?  Well. so far I have only scratched the surface.  But it turns out the human race is under attack by monsters and bandits are trying to take over the place.  What I like about the game is that it involves you in the story like no other MMO has so far.  You feel really engaged in it as it introduces cut scenes and allows your character to say the right or wrong thing for that certain instance.  A lot of the dialogue during missions gives you a choice on what to say.  You can be like a good girl and boy and try to reason with the opposition, of become an aggressive bad ass.  That usually works!

The world isn’t as big as WoW’s but it certainly is full of things to do around every corner.

There is a PvP event called World v World where you play against players from other servers.  This is really breathtaking as you see how big the map is on the PvP  server.  You basically have to take over towns and kill other players.  I haven’t actually played it, but I did briefly take a look around one of the maps before heading back to the ‘real game’.  It’s a nice touch though, and if you fancy a break away from the serious stuff, then this is something fun to do with friends.

Another thing that makes you feel really involved in the world, is the fact that you can be walking down the road, and come across some instances that you can help out in.  You will always come across other players helping out in the instances too for the game is pretty full, which is very impressive for a new MMO.  I guess the free to play thing helps, and it seriously makes you wonder whether to carry on with your WoW subscription.

  • Stunning graphics and beautiful scenery make for a pleasant trip into Guild Wars 2.
  • Massive community quests involving killing huge beasts! But see the cons to the side.
  • Servers are very unstable giving you lots of lag to compete with.
  • Quest are very 'samey' and become boring too easily.
  • The huge community quests are just a lagfest. You can't do anything or attack anything, you just rubberband and sit there watching a jittering mess. Great idea, poorly executed.
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