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This is how shoot-em ups used to be!
The Details
  • Title: Gunsmoke
  • Web: Un-Official Site
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Released: 23 December, 1988
  • Platforms: Other
  • Reviewed On: Other

Platform: Nes

When I was a nipper, I came downstairs ready for bed in my cozy pj’s, to find my mum on the last level of Gun Smoke.  The LAST level!  My mum is hardcore.  It was also the same night that our house got invaded by wasps…but that’s another story entirely.

My mum loved this game, and she still speaks fondly of it – and rightly so.  It’s a game about cowboys and Indians, with some ninjas thrown in.  It’s a vertical scrolling shoot-em up, where you play as Billy Bob, a bounty hunter whose task is to go after the crime lords of the Wild West.  Each mission starts with a wanted poster, and it is Bob’s job to go through each level to reach the wanted man.  It’s not easy, and it gets harder as the game goes on.  You must complete each stage to be able to progress.


The graphics were great back in the day


Be alert, as enemies jump out at you from out of nowhere, and some hide in barrels that you can shoot open.  Apart from the certain oddball enemy you find hiding in a barrel, you also find horses, items of clothing, ammo and different weapons.  You can saddle the horse, and it helps you move faster, allowing you to easily dodge incoming bullets from the surrounding enemies, and it also gives you more strength, as the horse can be hit several times before dying whereas you can only take one bullet before you go down like a sack of spuds and lose a life.  The machine gun is the best weapon to find in this game, as the bullets spurt out and kill many enemies all at once.  Finding boots in a barrel will also allow you to move at a faster pace.  Be careful though, as some items you come across may damage your health.

This guy is a wanted man

The graphics are quite pretty, and the little sprites used for the characters are cute and rather detailed.

It’s a game with a real arcade feel to it, and it is also a real challenge.  I’d say completing this game is one of my mum’s proudest moments in life.

  • The gameplay is classic.
  • The graphics still hold up today.
  • Can be frustrating.
The Boss at CoupesCorner
The gaffer of this ranch!

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