Is The WiiU Right For U?

Nintendo has gone all grown up with its new console!  But what do we think?

The WiiU has now been out on the market for a couple of months now.  Now we have seen for ourselves what the little machine is capable of, what do we really think?

When I first unboxed my amazing black premium ZombiU WiiU edition, the first thing that entered my mind was ‘wow, that is one big mama’.  I was of course, referring to the WiiU’s touch screen control pad.  It astonished me how much wider the thing looked compared to how it does on pictures that I had scoped through in my anticipation of waiting for its arrival.

It took me a while to set it all up, there are a few adapters and things to sort out, with the control pad coming with its own.  I turned on the system to see an update that needed doing ALREADY and it was going to take over an hour.  Fair enough. It gave me time to shower after a grubby day at work.

The update was done.  I then got lead through lots of onscreen instructions, which liked to tell me to ‘look at the instructions on the controller’. Then the controller would tell me to ‘look at the instructions on the tv’.  This got all very confusing but I coped.  I was a little worried setting up my Internet connection as I had heard of a few problems people had with the WiiU not being able to establish one.  But it all worked out fine for me in the end, and I was ready to shoot some zombies!

Before I played any games though, I checked out the social section of the WiiU.  It is called Miiverse and allows you to write notes about the games you like and you can discuss them with other miis.  This I like very much, and just lately I have been finding it more addictive than Facebook.  The downside to the WiiU is that it doesn’t have what the ps3 and xbox 360 have, and that is trophies or achievements.  However, through Miiverse, your friends can see what games you play when they check out your posts.  Not as rewarding as earning that trophy and hearing that noise come through the tv when you unlock an achievement however, and I feel this is something the WiiU lacks.

After playing around for a couple hours, I realised that the touch screen pad is what is most important.  This thing makes the WiiU.  It’s fantastic how you can play 90% of all WiiU games on the pad alone.  One favourite game of mine to play on the pad is Mass Effect 3.  All of the games look fantastic on the pad, and when you’re tired and don’t really feel like sitting up staring at a big tv screen, you can just lay back and escape.  The pad in a way works like a very large DS.  It also has its very own stylus in the back.  The pad doesn’t seem that bright however when you compare the games to how they look on the tv, but this isnt that noticeable and it is only a slight flaw.

Nintendo are planning on releasing a TVii app on the pad, that allows you to run tv through the system and use the control pad as a tv remote.  This is very clever, and having the volume on the pad is ideal when you can’t be bothered to stand up to fetch the tv remote.  I’m not lazy.  Honest.

One thing the WiiU is crying out for, is Facebook and Twitter.  This would work splendidly on the touch screen pad with the stylus and hopefully this is a work in progress for Nintendo.

So a lot of people have asked me if they should bother purchasing a WiiU seeing as they already have a ps3 or 360.  I say yes, if you’re a gaming addict like us at the Corner, because I feel as though you need to experience the wonderful visuals and new controls made for the games on the pad, as it makes for a different gaming experience.  Mass Effect 3 for example feels tons better on the WiiU because you can use the touch screen pad for using special powers and also for the map that stays constantly on the pad screen, so you don’t have to keep pressing start to check out where you’re going etc.  The graphics on all games I have played so far look top-notch, but they are only on par with its rivals.  I would not say they look any better or any worse than the Xbox’s or PS3’s.

One major downside is that the games feel way overpriced.  It is about £45 for a game that has been out over a year on older systems.  If however you are prepared for that new gaming experience I have just spoken about, then it is worth it.

All in all, it’s difficult to determine the lifespan for the WiiU as the Xbox 720 and PS4 are looming.  Once these consoles become available, the WiiU may struggle the test of time and Nintendo could find themselves under a lot of pressure for a system that will be relatively still new.

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