Legend Of Grimrock

[PC.] - Review: Indie games are very popular at the moment, so what does this latest Indie dungeon crawler have to offer?
The Details
  • Title: Legend of Grimrock
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Almost Human Ltd.
  • Publisher: Almost Human Ltd.
  • Released: 11 April, 2012
  • Platforms: PC
  • Reviewed On: PC

I was browsing through Steam last night, and came across this game as a weekend deal.  It had been reduced to £4.79 and it looked intriguing. When I bought it and started to get into it, I had pleasant memories of the Might and Magic game we used to have as kids for the Snes.  This game really is like that.  With better graphics.

Choosing your characters and traits at the start of the game was very exciting.

People say they don’t make hardcore, solid games like they used to.  Well let me pre-warn you all, Legend Of Grimrock is certainly no pushover.  You will find yourself getting lost, quite a lot, as you lead your four prisoners out of the underground dungeons.  I’ve only just started playing, but with the amount of achievements this game has, it seems that it could be a very long journey indeed.  At the start of the game, you get to choose what types of characters you would like to stroll through the prisons of hell.  This was the most exciting bit for me, as the options and menus looked so old school.  I went with a mage, two warriors and a rogue.

These bitches are real…well…bitches!

The tutorial is a little weak.  They seem to forget to tell you that your mage is unable to actually do anything at the start of the game for he/she doesn’t unlock any spells until you level up.  So yes.  My mage just stands there looking pretty, poking things with a spear when she feels like it. She is still currently level 1, but I have found spells that can be unlocked at certain levels, so she’s hanging on in there until she’s old enough.  You get to level up all of your characters traits and skills as they progress, which makes you want to play with a lot more urgency, as the game does feel less difficult when you level.

For an Indie game, this title is pretty fun.  Did I say pretty? Ah yes, because the game is quite pretty too.  If you are into solving puzzles and old school dungeon crawlers, then this game is for you.  The puzzles are pretty easy to start with, but the combat will forever be a challenge it seems.  Just make sure you save your game lots.  That is our main tip for the day.

Happy dungeon crawling!


  • Old school challange with updated graphics.
  • Really in depth RPG.
  • Tutorial is lacking.
  • Steep learning curve.
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