Mario Kart Wii

[Wii] - Review: Mario Returns once again to the wheel, though it's probably not safe to allow him to drive.
The Details
  • Title: Mario Kart Wii
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released: 11 April, 2008
  • Platforms: Wii
  • Reviewed On: Wii

This game was the main reason that I re-purchased a Nintendo Wii having traded my first one in for a PS3 (shame on me).  So why did I fork out over £100 for a system just to play this game? Read on.

The game comes with a free wheel you use to direct your kart around the track.  It is all about the wheel, for if it was to respond poorly to the Wii’s sensors, then the game would be a flop.  Luckily, the wheel works wonders as you place your Wii remote into the centre of it.


Snow! Yay! Oh, wait, actually… No… It’s horrible.


The whole Mario cast is here, so you can play as one of your favourite characters and also unlock your favourites.  I say unlock, because not all of the characters are available to you from the start as you have to unlock them by completing certain tracks/events.  You get to choose a kart to ride in before the race and to make it even more exciting for us, Nintendo decided to add in motor bikes! Wow!  Each kart has different speeds and acceleration etc, so it’s nice to be able to compare karts and go for the one you feel most comfortable with.

Some tracks are really scary, others are just annoying.

The fun of collecting objects along the way is still present, ranging from power-ups to weapons to throw at your opponents.  Watch out for that blue shell.

There are lots of tracks available to you in each course.  The names of the courses are traditional Mario names, with the Mushroom Cup just being one example.  The more courses you complete, the more courses you unlock.  Watch out though, for the courses do get harder as the game progresses.  Especially that darn Rainbow Road…*shudder*.

The graphics are some of the best I’ve seen on the Wii.  They’re lovely and colourful, with smooth edges and  a lovely cut scene at the end of each course.

Some crazy motobikes make an appearence.

The game is fun to play for all ages, and especially one for all of the family.  The downside is, you only get one wheel with the game.  Another player can use a control pad, but where’s the fun in that?  If you want another wheel, you will have to buy it seperately…and naughty Nintendo don’t make things cheap.

You’ll have hours of fun playing this game, especially online.  That’s right, you can race other people online or even have battles online.  Yes, the good old balloon battles where you have to steal others people’s balloons are still present and what fun they are!  I love the idea of stealing a kids whilst laughing menacingly…


BASH! In reality, the computer always knocks you off the track whilst they remain glued in place. Unfair.


Mario Kart has been racing around for a good few years now, as early back as the NES days.  This version is a good addition to the series for older fans, and also a good introduction to the series for younger fans.

  • Using the Wii Wheel is fun and makes a nice change from your normal control pad.
  • Multiplayer is a blast, as always.
  • Not enough tracks, most of the included ones are recycled from old games.
  • AI is still a dirty cheat.
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