Murdered: Soul Suspect

[Review] Is this ghost adventure worth all the hassle?
The Details
  • Title: Murdered: Soul Suspect
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Airtight Games
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Released: 6 June, 2014
  • Platforms: PC XBox One PS4 XBox 360 PS3
  • Reviewed On: PC

Ghosts.  If we hadn’t seen enough of them in ESO already, Square Enix go and publish a game all about them.

You play as a one time crook turned cop called Ronan, who gets fatally shot by a mysterious figure known as the Bell Killer, whilst working on a case.  You are a walking, talking soul who cannot leave this world until you have found out who it was that murdered you.


Ronan O’Conner. A ghost not to be messed with.

Along the way, Ronan meets a variety of different people and different obstacles.  The obstacles in question are mainly simple puzzles that can be easily done, and lots of collectibles that are not so easily found.  The collectibles make for quite a chore if you are out to find them all.  Most of them are letters from Ronan’s wife, describing her love and sometimes confusion towards Ronan and his job.  Others are hidden objects that once found them all, hold the stories and meanings behind them.  I personally got bored with this chore, so failed to collect all that was required.

A lot of the characters in the game are often quite bland and you find it hard to care about them and their stories.  One character in particular however, makes the game a lot more interesting, and she is the only one who actually brings life to this spiritless point and click adventure.  Her name is Joy and she is a medium, who is able to see and assist Ronan on his deeds.  She also has business with the Bell Killer, and her and Ronan start to become quite close in an Ellie and Joel Last of Us sort of way as they try to put this mystery to a close.


Joy is one of the better characters in the game

As Ronan finds himself solving these mysteries he encounters evil spirits known as Demons.  If Ronan goes anywhere in plain sight of them, they will attack him.  Apparently there is a way out of their attacks, but the combat in this game is so poor it was a waste of actual time putting these escape measures in place.  You can kill the demons from behind by sneaking up on them, but this just takes your attention away from the actual storyline and feels like it takes away most of the games flow.  Personally, I think this game would have been much better without the demons, or equip the game with actual weapons and make it more of a thrill to kill these bad boys.  A cop with a gun at his side, without being able to use it?  That is frustrating.


These demon things slow the game down, and are pretty much hard to escape once they catch you.


Graphically, the game looks quite stunning if you have a pc that can up most things on high.

Overall, I did enjoy this game surprisingly despite a lot of things that annoyed me.  It certainly didn’t live up to its hype and most are already saying that it should deserve the most disappointing game of 2014 award.  But, there hasn’t really been a game out there quite like it.  Square Enix took a gamble, they approached this game in a different way and in the end, it turned out okay.  Not great, but okay – just..  If you are into point and click adventures and only play games for the story alone, and not fussed on all of that combat stuff, then you may enjoy this.  If however you were expecting a blood and guts shooter then I say stay away, there are much better games out there.

  • Nice graphics
  • It's something different.
  • Demons make the game lose its flow and appeal.
  • Not very interesting characters
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