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[Blog] One week after we've changed our hosts, what am I upto now you ask? Come see!

Apparently a whole week has passed me by and I genuinely didn’t notice. I’ve been a busy chap with the new site, setting it all up and making sure everything works as it did previously (I think I’ve solved everything now), I even added new features, like the new boxes that appear on our reviews. But all that is boring nonsense, so how about I tell you what I’ve been playing this week!


Starpoint Gemini 2 (Steam)

Starpoint Gemini 2 is an ‘Early Access’ game on Steam, a space sim with RPG-like elements, including levelling yourself up and picking up perks. I haven’t had much time to play with it, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s pretty darn good. It’s third-person, with the flying mechanics following in the footsteps of games such a Freelancer (move cursor away from centre of screen, ship follows) which in all honesty, I find annoying. It’s the main reason I’ve not completed a single mission in X: Rebirth (other than the fact it’s a buggy mess). I’ve managed to look past the stupid mouse control with this one as it shows a lot of promise, it’s already really well polished for an Early Access game. The graphics are crisp, the GUI needs a little work and the gameplay is pretty solid.


Something I noticed whilst playing was that there seems to be no “zones” like in other space sims, it seems to just be one, open universe and if you keep flying you’ll eventually fly through it all. This, for me, is excellent, there’s nothing worse than the jarring prospect of a “warp gate” that spits you out in the zone next door, but you can’t actually fly from one to the other, so having one, open universe to explore is quite exciting for me.

As already stated, it’s Early Access, so it may have lots of bugs (though I will state, in my short time with it I didn’t come across any) and there’s no ‘real’ tutorial in the game yet, you’re simply dumped there in space to fend for yourself whilst reading a few tutorial notices that explain the basic game mechanics. But still, if you’re looking for something a little different, I’d say give it a try! It’s priced at £18.99 on  Steam, which I think is pretty reasonable, I’m sure I’ll be having some fun with it. Oh, and ship customisation rocks.

 Project Zomboid (Steam)

I’ve had Project Zomboid (another Early Access Game) for quite a while now and I still love playing it. It’s an isometric zombie survival game that allows you to not only develop and care for your character, but also to build stuff. It really is a fantastic game. This week I spent some time fortifying my favourite building, a large warehouse. My basic barricades have started turning into extensions to the building (including a bridge across a road). I have to be careful with this game though, as it consumes my time like Civilisation does, except instead of “just one more turn” it’s “I’ll build just one more wall”. This game isn’t for everyone one as it does require some patients, you have to do a lot of reading from skill books  (not you, but your character) to level up your various skills to make better things to survive. The Zombies in their default state are also quite a challenge, as is dealing with a few of the glitches that pop up from time to time.

Overall, this game is great, I can’t honestly say anything bad about. Note: Some of the following images were from a test I decided to do to sere how well the zombies swarmed. I can safely say they do extremely well.

 Tomb Raider (Steam)

I’ve had this game since release, I’ve now finally completed it (yes, I am that busy in real life). It was fun, though I felt it suffered from Uncharted syndrome, i.e./ too much shooty shooty and not enough thinky thinky, but alas, that is what today’s gamer apparently wants. God forbid anyone had to do some thinking.

I enjoyed Tomb Raider for the most part, the graphics, the action, the few and far between puzzles and I especially enjoyed the exploring (I 100% completed all areas for all items and collectables). Unfortunately something left a sour taste in my mouth, actually, no it wasn’t a sour taste, it was a big steaming dump. Quick Time Events. Now, the guy who came up with QTE’s should most certainly be taken into a dark room and shot several times in the testicles, have them removed and then set fire to. The human race could then relax, knowing that his offspring will never follow in his footsteps of inventing retarded game play elements that no one with a normal functioning brain could possibly enjoy. The QTE’s genuinely spoilt an otherwise flawless and highly enjoyable game. They were forced, un-skipable and completely caught you off guard on occasions. One such occasion was when executing some big guy, apparently bullets in his face don’t bother him, but Lara’s little pick axe does, but only when the buttons are pressed in time though, otherwise it just tickles him. Pointless. Honestly, it was worse than the boss fights in Dues Ex: Human revolution.

No gallery for Tomb Raider unfortunately, Steam decided it didn’t want to keep them, which was nice. I did start DayZ up earlier this week, but then noticed that nothing has changed performance wise, the UI is still a clunky mess, the controls are still unresponsive, animations are still broken and the zombies can now kill you by simply looking at you. Yeah, that’s not even getting it’s own paragraph.

And on that note I shall bid you all farewell! I hope you enjoyed reading this nonsense and I certainly hope you check the above two Early Access titles out (does not include Dayz). You won’t be disappointed, they’ve given me more entertainment than any of the ‘Triple A’ games of the past 4 years.

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