Our E3 Highlights

[News] Read our E3 highlights!

Yesterday (9/06/14) was all about E3.  We have rolled up our sleeves and are about to give you the lowdown on some of our highlights.

  • Mass Effect 4 – After the trilogy and the controversial Mass Effect 3, it is difficult to see where this one will carry on.  Still, it is one of my favourite series in gaming and I am sure give its mainstream popularity, whatever is pumped out in Mass Effect 4 will become a success.  Look out for it on the Next Gen and PC soon.


  • Grim Fandango –  Are you kidding me!?  Grim Fandango, one of the most successful pc point and click games of all time, is exclusively coming to the PS4 and PS Vita re-mastered!?  Heck, this feels better than winning the lottery…not that I would know what that feels like…oooohhhhh *excited dance* bring this on!



Grim Fandango will be a PS4/Vita exclusive


  • Uncharted 4 – Mmm, I like me a bit of Nathan Drake!  This PS4 exclusive instalment to the series will be titled A Thief’s End.  With a lot of problems behind the scenes at Naughty Dog we were worried this game would never see the light of day.  Now, The Last of Us directors have taken the helm on it, and it looks, if I say so myself, wonderful.  Drake looks a bit more rugged around the edges and…are those wrinkles in his forehead I see?!  The male Lara Croft showing men everywhere that age can come with beauty.  Can’t wait.



Nathan looks a lot more rugged in Uncharted 4


  • Assassins Creed Unity – I’ll admit, I’ve only just started getting into the Creed games.  Being a late starter, I am looking forward to this off the back of the successful adventures of Edward Kenway in Creed Black Flag.  The assassin himself has been revealed to be known as Arno (not Dave, then).  This one is going to be based during the French Revolution. Mmmm fæn?tæst?k!


  • Halo The Masterchief Collection – Ever needed a reason to buy an Xbox One?  Now there is one.  Halo 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been re-done in HD and all feature on one disc. That gives us a total of over 40 campaign levels and over 100 multiplayer maps.  This is a must for any Halo fan!


  • GTAV PC/Next Gen Release – About time I hear you all cry!  Yes!  Now we get to see Michael and Trevor hitting the streets in nice, neat graphics!  Look out for this one in the Autumn.



Trevor and co will be joining next gen very soon


  • Rise of The Tombraider –  All we know, is that Lara Croft now knows how to use a bow and arrow properly.  Simply put, this is going to follow on from the last Tomb Raider to be released.  Hope she still has nice hair.



The Witcher 3 looks outstanding in terms of graphics alone!


  • The Witcher 3 –  I’m a big Witcher fan, but more Witcher 1 than 2.  I thought The Witcher 1 was your standard PC RPG game.  It played like Neverwinter Nights a little bit, and I felt as though The Witcher 2 was focused heavily more on the consoles.  The story didn’t flow with me, and I also found the game too hard in parts on normal, yet way too easy on easy mode.  Geralt looks a lot older in this adventure, and I really hope that it is a big improvement on the second instalment.  Look out for this Feb 2015.

And there you have it!  Just a few of our E3 highlights.  We may have to wait a while for some of these games to be released, but it looks as though it could be shaping up to being a good end to the year/early 2015 in terms of gaming!  Enjoy.

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