PS Plus. ++++++++++++++++

What does Lozzy think to PS Plus?

I recently purchased Playstation Plus on my PS3 after a lot of humming and harring, and I am sorry, but I have to crawl up Sony’s backside in this post for a bit.

First things first, you get a few good free games a month, although you will find that it can update every couple of weeks.  You get exclusive free themes and the best part is, you can get the Playstation to sync your trophies and saved games for you whilst you sleep, so you don’t have to hang around for ages waiting for your trophies to sync when comparing them to your friends’.

I look in shops now and think to myself ‘should i really buy this pre-owned game for a tenner when i know i will probably get it free anyway within a few weeks?!’.  It must be doing retail some harm, but who cares.  This is the way forward.  Unless you want a copy in a box, why not just wait and download it for free there and then.

I was very surprised to see Deus Ex Human Revolution up on the PS Plus Network for free so soon.  It’s little things like this, that have made me turn a blind eye to my Xbox 360.  What do you get for paying for Xbox Live Gold? Oh. Yeah. That’s it. Free online play. Hmmm.

Thumbs up, Sony.

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