PS3 Joypads V XBox 360 Joypads

So there I was on my PS3, playing a match on the new FIFA 12, and all of a sudden I went 3-0 down.  In a fit of immature rage, I punched my pad.  The right stick then felt a little rusty, and I’d noticed I’d cracked off some of the plastic that runs around the outside of the hole the stick is in.  Wow, I thought.  The XBox 360 pads are so much stronger!  Put the PS3 joypad and the XBox 360 joypad in a ring together, and I’m pretty sure the XBox pad would win hands down.  Seriously though, why are SONY such cheapskates?  It’s obvious that their pads are so shockingly made because they were cheap.  You pick the XBox pad up and in comparison it feels like a brick!  Let’s take a closer look at these two pads as they enter the ring.

Xbox 360 Pad

1) Nice and big for the hands
2) Has pretty coloured buttons
3) Comes in lots of pretty colours
4) Could survive a house falling on top of it, and also a nuclear blast.

PS3 Pad

1) Small.  Hard to grasp.
2) Very weak.  Likely to crack if someone were to sneeze on it
3) Dull looking – no pretty coloured buttons
4) Trigger buttons feel as though they’re always loose.

There we have it.  The XBox 360 pad wins.

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