PS4 Announcement Imminent!

[News. ] The PS4 will soon be upon us!

SONY have announced they will be officially talking about the PS4 come February 20th.  The console itself probably won’t be out until long after the summer so I have heard, but what do we really make about all of the hype surrounding it?

The processor itself is supposed to be ten times faster than that of the PS3’s, whilst also in contention to be better than any top-notch high-end PC’s.  However, having discussed this matter with a friend also, I feel that it’s okay showing off about that fact, but in a years time, the PS4 will be outdated when it comes to PC’s being updated.  The good thing about PC gaming is, you can update a new graphics card, mother board, ram and all of the other complicated things that go with it!  You cannot do that to a console.  Which is why I will always find PC gaming to be a lot better and mature.

SONY will be competing with the WiiU and many tablets with its touchscreen pad.  The design we have seen, looks very sleek and impressive, but it is yet to be known what the actual official design will look like.

Good luck to SONY.  I’m a fan of my PS3, so I hope this is a major hit for them.

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