Railworks gets Another Free Upgrade!

[PC] - News: Railworks gets its second free upgrade, pretty new graphics and some extra content.

Platform: PC

Owners of Railworks get to enjoy a free upgrade for the second time, with the latest iteration being Railworks 3: Rail Simulator 2012. The new upgrade has a whole bunch of new features and has had a massive graphical overhaul, bringing the latest graphical features to this humble simulator. The upgrade is applied automatically via Steam.

The new rain particle effect on the train windows is impressive. The wipers now have a reason to be used

The upgrade doesn’t come without its share of problems though, the biggest complaint being a large performance hit to certain users. This isn’t something that has effected me, though users with more powerful systems are struggling to play.¬†This has led many to want the old Railworks 2 back, which in turn has led to the second complaint; you can’t downgrade, or even reinstall from your disk as Steam won’t allow such nonsense, something that Valve should probably consider fixing, though they won’t, because virtual hat simulators are far more important.

The new route available, Horseshoe Curve, takes advantage of all the new features

The devs haven’t been sat still though, since it’s release on the 23rd of September, the game has seen 3 updates (which is more than any other company puts out for their broken games, eg./ FarCry 2). The only thing lacking in the updates is a performance increase, though I have no doubt that the devs will sort this out in time.

Want to know more? Check out the Steam Store Page.


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