Razer Naga 5600DPI Mouse + Dell TactX Alienware Keyboard

[Review] Our first ever hardware review!  Razer Naga and Alienware Gaming Keyboard!
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  • Title: Razer Naga + Alienware TactX Keyboard
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  • Developer: Razer & Alienware
  • Publisher: Razer & Alienware
  • Released: 25 December, 2099
  • Platforms: PC
  • Reviewed On: PC

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Razer Naga
Alienware TactX Keyboard


Razer Naga Molten

This is the actual first review we have done on a piece of hardware.  I recently purchased these two pieces of equipment off the amazon online store, and I want to let you know my feelings on them.

First up, we take a look at the Razer Naga mouse, especially built for gaming.  As you can see from the photo below, it has 12 buttons down the left hand side, two buttons just above, the middle mouse wheel and then the LMB and the RMB.  I am a girl (I think), and I have no issues with the size of this mouse for my hands are quite small.  However, if you have big beefy man hands, the small nature of the mouse could turn into a problem for you.  However, it feels great on the touch, really smooth and the red logo design that lights up on the body pulsates which gives it some wonderful eye candy, with the round, slightly curved shape of the mouse fitting into your hand perfectly.


Gorgeous design with a fantastic choice of buttons.


The twelve buttons down the side can be a little awkward to reach, mainly past the number 7.  This isn’t a major flaw, but design wise it is something that could have possibly been prevented.  The two buttons above the twelve, helps you switch from one profile to another.  The profiles are all made up to how you want them to be, through the mouse software you can download from the Razer official website.  On the software itself, you can link your game profiles to the mouse controls of your choice, and when you launch that game, the mouse settings automatically change for you.  I thought this was really clever, and I found myself using lots of mouse shortcuts for the likes of Battlefield 3, WoW and Skyrim.  The mouse itself is designed mainly with MMO games in mind, the one game I mainly get an advantage from with it is Battlefield 3.  I have assigned my buttons to drop ammo, take out knife and call a medic  without having to reach over and press a button at the top end of my keyboard.  Call me lazy.


Fancy a pint?

Inside the packaging, the mouse instructions and help guides come on the form of cards.  They feel and look like drinking mats and they come with helpful stickers to put on your mouse buttons as a guide for beginners.  You also get a sheet of Razer logo stickers.  Why you need these I do not know, but I guess it is all part of a fantastic package.


Attention to detail is even seen on the packaging.


The box itself that holds your new mouse together during its way to you is also very well detailed.  It opens up like a flap at the front which is fastened by Velcro, and there is a thank you message from the mouse creator along with diagrams and fancy stuff around the box.  The mouse was easy to remove and the bits of instructions were easy to put back in.

All in all, it is one of, if not the best MMO gaming mouse out there on the market.  If it’s a swanky design you want and lots of button bashing, then this mouse is for you.  It can be found at the grand old price of £79.99 RRP.


Alienware TactX Keyboard

Next up, we have the Dell TactX Alienware Keyboard.  This beautiful creation is bigger than your standard sized keyboard, for it has a line of extra buttons going down the side.  These buttons for me, are my favourite feature.  I find it easy for games like Skyrim that have five or six different menus to open, assigning them to these buttons as they’re all allocated together, there’s no stretching around the keyboard, searching for the button that opens spells for instance.  It is now all assigned right there for you, thanks to the powers that be – Alienware.

The keyboard comes with a disk that has all the software you need to get it started.  You can assign the keyboard to glow the same as your Alienware desktop computer if you have one, and to also change colours depending on what game you have it assigned to.  For example, it could be a fiery red and orange for Battlefield, but then switch to an icy blue when you load up Skyrim.  It’s very neat in terms of the design, and it also has three profile buttons that can be found at the top left.  I haven’t assigned anything to more than the one profile.  I personally don’t have the need to, yet.  But it is nice to know that I have the option to, if needs be.

There is a switch that slides left and right that has the image of a joystick on it.  Cleverly, this is there to prevent you from catching any button that takes you to Windows during gameplay.  Turn it off, and you can then access your task manager and things.  It’s just to prevent you from popping open any annoying windows by accident during a game.  This is a nice touch, although how many people have actually done that?


You can assign it to glow the colours you want. It is very wide, adding extra buttons down left hand side.

At the top of the keyboard is the Alienware logo, which is the infamous Alien head.  At either side of that, are your volume and media buttons.  To the right of that, is a silver mute button.  The volume buttons can feel a little stiff, and they really need to be held down to have any effect on the sound.  The rest of the buttons feel very smooth and crisp, unlike the soft cheap plastic you often feel on lower standard keyboards.  I mainly bought this to go with the Alienware desktop, for I wanted it to glow the same for when I am gaming.  Yes, I really am that sad.  The price is rather steep, and it all depends on personal opinion as to whether or not you will spend something that high on a computer keyboard.  I paid £80.00 for it, but it does often go down in price.  What can I say, I am insane.

The packaging was nice in its usual Alienware black box.  They really do like to shove their Alien heads on just about everything they own.  I would love to see their toilet seat.  An Alien head toilet seat.  That WOULD be cool!


The software

Above is a picture of the software you will find on the disc that accompanies it.  Here, you can assign the keyboard to any game you want, along with switching around the keys to match your needs.  It is also from here where you can assign the different colours you want it to glow.

All in all, it’s the perfect gaming keyboard but might not be to everyone’s tastes.  The price is quite large, but if you have the money and love Alienware, then why not.


  • Fantastic gaming keyboard and mouse.
  • Masses of settings in each driver for customising the various functions.
  • Huge price tags...
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