RIP Robin Williams

[Blog] RIP Robin Williams x.

A week ago, we lost another gaming related celeb.  As if Rik Mayall wasn’t bad enough, the bloke in the sky decides to take the Hollywood star Robin Williams too who sadly took his own life at the age of 63.

I thought it was only fitting to give him a mention as we did for Rik, with his Nintendo related ads, his Nintendo related daughter and his WoW obsession.  He once claimed he was a WoW ‘trading troll’ one of those people you probably hate whilst you’re playing who constantly spam your message box down on the far corner!  The most entertaining thing is, he even admitted that himself!

He was an avid Zelda fan, naming his daughter the same name as the Princess whilst the two also starred in their own Zelda adverts together.

Moving aside from video games, he was a really big Manga and Anime fan.  His favourite anime was the widely acclaimed Ghost In The Shell.

RIP Mr Williams.  You loveable geek.




Robin Williams Zelda Commercial  —- Link (mind the pun) to advert.


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