Sidequest Preview

[Preview] . We briefly look at what this D&D inspired game is about

After looking through all of your emails, we came across this rather interesting Independent game. It uses Twitch, and is narrated by a guy known as Trusty Bard @Trusty_Bard , created by a guy known as Ben R who used to work for a AAA company. We are yet to join the Twitch Live stream needed to play the game in full, but we have read up on the game enough to know what it’s almost about.  We are treating this little write-up as more of a preview, more of a ‘go check this guys game out’ until we get to join the game in full. It sounds charming and greatly inspired by role playing game Dungeons and Dragons with hand-drawn artwork that sees the player experience wonderful landscapes and adorable sprites. The game has all been scripted before-hand, with some viewers also taking hold of the narrating through the chat system. This is just the beginning of this quick preview.  We will be hoping to join a live Twitch feed very soon, but if you would like to know more about the game, then check out this link, telling you all the stuff you need to know about cruising through Sidequest.


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