Sim City Explodes.

[PC. ] News: The City is in chaos.

Well, well, well.

I was so looking forward to this masterpiece.  It is my birthday soon and I did ask for this.  But then I read about all of its trouble and quickly crossed it off my list.  DRM is evil!  EA will never learn.  I am really annoyed as to why they keep putting this crap on their games!  You would have thought they would have learnt their lesson with Spore.

After hearing reports that Amazon pulled the plug on the game until EA sorted the bad DRM out made me chuckle with a ‘i told you so’ laugh.  Players couldn’t even play the game because the servers were broken almost constantly and installs of the game took hours.

EA have offered buyers a free game to go with it, whilst they work vigorously on fixing this dreadful problem.

Lozzy, that is me, is not a happy Lozzy.

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