Sleeping Dogs

[Multi Plat. ] Review: - Sleeping Dogs? Or Sleeping Puppies? Check out our review.
The Details
  • Title: Sleeping Dogs
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: United Front Games
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Released: 17 August, 2012
  • Platforms: PC XBox 360 PS3
  • Reviewed On: PC

When I first got into gaming, many moons ago I always mistakenly called sandbox games, sandwich games.  Call me insane.  Go on.  Anyway, this is a very good sandwich.  It has all of the perfect fillings and lots of content.  This is certainly your ham and cheese Subway. You are an undercover cop called Wei and you are involved in some civil war between two gangs in the streets of Hong Kong.  It plays like GTA and Saints Row, but the cars feel somewhat smoother to drive in comparison.  The graphics are also very smooth and glossy, with the pc versions graphics being turned up to extreme.  Oh yeah.  Sexy.

The graphics are stunning

What I love about these sorts of games, is that you can spend hours driving around doing side missions and buying new clothes for your wardrobe.  It’s one of those games you can relax to, as you do anything you want.

One slight flaw.  And we in the Corner have discussed this, is the language used.  If this game is based in Hong Kong, then why do all of the characters speak in an American accent?  It would be better, we feel, if they spoke in a Chinese accent, with subtitles.  Maybe someone will make a mod, or there already is one out there somewhere, i don’t know.  But it’s just a little flaw and it should be an option to allow it to be a bit more realistic.

I’m a big Bruce Lee fan, and when I found a pair of his trousers in one of the dlc sets, I was grinning.  There are a ton of dlc sets out for this game, and you feel as though the game can’t reach its full potential without them all.  It’s typical for a game like this to release plenty of dlc so it comes as no surprise.  Sometimes though, I do wish companies would release a full game from the start.  Just this once.

Game of Death, anyone?

You learn new moves as you progress, and there are lots of hidden items scattered around the place for you to find.  I must admit that I enjoy hacking the cameras the most, which come about on drug smuggling side missions.  I find I am really good at it and I feel as though I must sign up to become a detective at some point in my life, all thanks to this game!

It’s fair to say the game does look better and crisper on the pc compared to the consoles, although there is a strong debate going around about this.  The lighting effects look stunning, especially at night, and the detail on the models are out of this world at times.  It really is one of the best looking games out there at the moment.

The night scenes look wonderful

The Steam version does have a glitch, and for this reason, the game cannot get a 10/10.  Every now and then, the game will freeze, and having googled the issue, this is a very common problem within the game for pc users.  This is such a shame, but all i can say is, thank the lord for autosaves!  The glitch is not game breaking, and you can often play for hours before it occurs, but it really shouldn’t be an issue in the first place.

It feels very much like a console port, as I find it a lot easier to handle with the Xbox 360 pad plugged into my pc than I do with mouse and keyboard.  This doesn’t put me off, but I do know a few pc gamers expect more from a port when it comes to controls.

If you are a fan of the Saints Row and GTA series, then you will love this game.  You might think it’s same old, same old, but really, the storylines are what makes this game on par if not better than those series.  It’s all a matter of opinion, but I would hope for a Sleeping Dogs 2.


  • Fun, GTA style sandbox game with fung-foo fighting.
  • Fun combat that really makes a change from your usual sandbox game.
  • Gun-play is lacking. The moment guns come into the game, the fun level plummets.
  • Bugs. It's always the bugs. And no one ever wants to fix them.
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