Smash Hits: Wanna be a Pop Star!

[Retro. ] Review: Warning!  This review may hurt your eyes...
The Details
  • Title: Smash Hits: Wanna be a Popstar
  • Web: No Site
  • Developer: Uknown
  • Publisher: Unknown
  • Released: 10 June, 1997
  • Platforms: PC
  • Reviewed On: PC

Well, here it is!  After popular demand, I have put myself through the torture of reviewing Smash Hits Wannabe Pop Star!


You pick a few band members for your band, and you release records and do gigs.  Sounds awesome right?  No comment.

Check out the pimp in the middle

After the gig, or record is released, you get graded on how well you sounded.  You get to add sound effects to the already pre-installed songs which I must admit, sound repulsive if not used in the correct manner.  No, I’ve changed my mind.  They sound repulsive even if placed in the correct way.

Unfortunately, I still remember how some of the songs sound.  My mind was scarred and my mental state dropped after playing this game back in 1997.  I blame this game for sixteen years of mental health problems.

Booo! Get off the stage!!!

There is a chart list.  Every time you release a song, it goes into the charts (if it is good enough).  If it doesn’t make the charts at all, you get booed.

This game sounds original and brilliant right?  You really want to go out and buy it after this review, right?  It is probably a very rare find now, having not been able to find any information about it on the internet.  If you manage to find it in a  bargain bin somewhere, get it, it’s a real gem!  That’s a joke, by the way.

  • It's... You... Well... Hmm...
  • Let's just leave this one to sleep...
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