Steam’s Sizzling Summer Sale!

[News. ]  Sizzle Them Sausages!  Steam Summer Sale Is On!

We’ve had some of the hottest days on record here in the UK.  So why not take your computer outside and play!

Steam has had some cracking Summer sales on, giving us, the public, the opportunity to vote on what games we would like to see reduced.

We all voted in our thousands, and my PC has gone crazy with the amount of games I’ve installed.

I’m hearing today is the last day for it, so I bought RAGE for 3 pound and its expansion pack for 86 pence.  A fantastic bargain, despite our Naytoe only giving RAGE a 4/10 score in his review (see ).

We hope you are all having a great Summer, and we will be updating with more reviews soon.

– The Corner Team.



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