Super Arcade Football

[Review] Early access was granted for this crazy football game!
The Details
  • Title: Super Arcade Football
  • Web:
  • Developer: OutOfTheBit
  • Publisher:
  • Released: 4 April, 2016
  • Platforms: PC
  • Reviewed On: PC

I had an early access code granted before me to review this exclusive Steam title.  Off I popped, logged onto Steam, popped in the code and before i knew it, Super Arcade Football was loading up after its super fast install.

The game really isn’t that big, there is an exhibition mode and two cup modes (Euro and World cups), allowing you to pick a country to play as.  The graphics are done in 3D, low poly, and they are quite quirky. It is this that brings out its lightheartedness and real feel.  It’s not to be taken seriously, and probably not for the experienced Fifa fan. It is enormously fast paced and such fun!  Reminds me a little bit of the football game Striker on the Super Nintendo from the early nineteen nineties.  It can be played locally with up to four players, which I can only imagine to be extreme competitive craziness!  Online multiplayer is something the development team are looking into, along with creating your own team and also a career mode which would be fabulous and I think it would merit the game its £6.99 price tag.


How does it play?  There aren’t many buttons, there’s a pass, shoot and change player option and it can be played with either keyboard and mouse or controller.  I personally prefer to use the Xbox controller, but that all boils down to personal preference.  Sometimes it wouldn’t change to the player I wanted it to, which annoyed me a little, but wasn’t anything game breaking, and it’s something I’ve experienced with most football titles.  Also, one thing I noticed, was during the match you can’t make substitutions.  To be fair though, this isn’t a football game to be taken seriously and I don’t think players get injured or tired. That would be something good to implement in a career mode.


It’s not Fifa, or Pro Evo, but it’s certainly a football game any casual gamer or non-football fan can enjoy. It would be interesting to see how far the developers go with releasing this on other platforms.  I imagine it would go down really well on a tablet, especially when you consider the amount of casual gamers who own those sort of mainstream toys.

The plans for this game certainly want me craving more.  Ideally, I would say hold out for more content before paying the £6.99 price tag or wait until the price drops.  Overall, it’s a good game best off played with friends, until career mode that is.

  • Fast and fun
  • Welcoming graphics
  • fun to play with friends
  • Early access means more things to come
  • Hefty price tag
  • Not a great deal of content yet
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