Super Mario Bros.

[NES] - Review: Super Mario Bros, Nostalgic glory and the beginning for the most annoying mushroom ever.
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  • Title: Super Mario Bros.
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Released: 15 May, 1987
  • Platforms: Other
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Platform: NES

Remember when computer games were simple?  Remember when joypads only had two buttons?  Super Mario Bros was a great platformer, and helped turn Nintendo into the big gaming industry that it is today.

Super Mario Bros was very simple to play, as you controlled Mario (a plumber, in case you didn’t know) across each level, dodging enemies, collecting coins and going down tunnels.  It revolutionised the platform genre, and it is still as successful today as it was back then in the good old 1980?s.

Those first memorable steps

The main aim of the game was to find Princess Toadstool as she had been stolen from her castle by Mario’s biggest enemy, Bowser.  There are eight worlds in the game, which each contain four stages to get through before you can progress onto the next world.  Mario collects items along the way to help boost his abilities, by jumping up and hitting the bricks that have a question mark on them.  These items consist of mushrooms that help him grow bigger to make him stronger against enemies and orange flowers that give him fireballs to throw.  A green mushroom gives Mario an extra life.

Toad, his first annoyance. He then went on to have the most annoying voice in several Mario games.

If you run out of lives then it is game over.  You die if you walk into an enemy when small, or if you fall down a gap in the level.  There are some secret areas to be found which contain extra lives and coins, and other areas contain warp zones that allow you to skip a few worlds out.  Why you would want to do that I do not know, for the game isn’t really that long as it is.

The game takes some skill, and if you are into platform games that are fast paced then this one is for you.  It’s also really good fun for all age groups, and Mario has since become a long-standing  famous mascot for Nintendo.

  • A legendary game that rekindled the gaming industries fire
  • It's not aged particularly well...
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