The Elder Scrolls Anthology

[Review] What's in the box?
The Details
  • Title: The Elder Scrolls: Anthology
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Bethesda
  • Publisher: Bethesda
  • Released: 16 September, 2013
  • Platforms: PC
  • Reviewed On: PC

I have just received this through the mail as today marks the European launch.  My first impressions were ‘how on Earth do I get in this thing?’ for I was quite surprised at the plastic protective cover.  It’s a good idea, to help protect the folder of games inside, but I couldn’t help but find it a bit flimsy.  This could scratch if not careful, so please store it away from any sharp surfaces.

Once taken out of the flimsy packaging, the cardboard folder pulls out of a sleeve.  Once the folder opens, revealed are all the Elder Scrolls games starting from Arena.  Each game opens up on a different page like a book.  Contained are the game discs and any accompanying dlc discs, along with the artwork for that individual game on each disc page.  It looks very nicely presented, and in the back are all the maps.  They are smooth to touch and I smile when see the Morrowind map, for the one I own is like a shredded rag it had been used that many times.  The maps are a fantastic addition, and they make this collection ever the more exciting.

Maps and discs galore

I think it is wonderful that most of the dlc is here.  I say most, because the horse armour dlc for Oblivion is missing, which despite its bad press, was a great addition to the game.

Putting the maps back was a real challenge.  They didn’t slot in to the back sleeve as well as they came out!  I had to force them in and was very concerned about accidentally folding the edges on any.  Also with the maps, is a sticker promoting the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online game inviting you to play the beta.

It opens like a book


None of the original instruction books are present which is a real shame, for it would have been lovely to see.  This makes it feel not that quite complete, but I suppose the controls are easy enough to figure out.  This however, is not the point.  We want nostalgia, we want it now!

This is a fantastic collection for any avid Elder Scrolls fan or a fan just starting out wanting to play the older games.  It is also a bargain too, at £36.99!  The games and dlc individually to buy will cost you a lot more than that.  Now, where did I put my sword…I’m off to fight some mud crabs!


  • A great collection of some of the greatest RPG games in history.
  • Missing the instruction booklets.
  • Missing the horse armour DLC from Oblivion.
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