The Forums are coming!

So, the Corner hasn’t had an update in quite some time. Myself and Loz have been busy with real life work, so not had much time to write anything. We both got our mits on a PSVita on release day, which was exciting, and I’ve also been writing a PSVita review since it was released. I’ve now rewritten in 5 times, but it’ll be on the site one day soon, along with reviews for the various games we’ve been playing.

I’ve also been busy with the pretty stuff on the site, the logo has changed (still not finsihed) as well as the background and some othe every minor things that no one will ever notice, ever. And if you’ve ever clicked the ‘Forum link found at the top and bottom of the website, you may have seen the CoupesCorner Forum taking shape. I’ve locked it off for the time being whilst I finish off the final bits and pieces, but in a few days I hope to have it all up and running.

Each new article will have it’s own dedicated forum post for discusion, the WordPress comments on the articles will remain for now, but I think we may remove them one, day, maybe.

So, when I’ve finished tweaking them, you’re all going to be welcomed into the forum for tea and biscuits!

Happy Days!

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