The Last Of Us

[Review] The end of civilisation has never looked so good.
The Details
  • Title: The Last Of Us
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Naughty Dog
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Released: 14 June, 2014
  • Platforms: PS4 PS3
  • Reviewed On: PS4

The Last Of Us.  One of the few games that can make me cry over and over with emotion and become so attached to the main characters.  If you  were lucky enough to play this the first time around on the PS3 then you get the chance to do it all over again in high-definition and better frame rates and graphics.  If you are new to the game, then I am so jealous!  You are in for one hell of a journey.

What makes a fantastic, memorable game for me, is a good, gripping, emotional storyline that can touch the hearts of even the cold-blooded murderer down the street.  I haven’t actually got a cold-blooded murderer living down the street that I know of…I don’t think?  Anyway, for me, and I very rarely get to say this these days, this is the best game that I have ever played.  I just adore the relationship that evolves over time between the two main characters Ellie and Joel.  I love the gameplay, if a little buggy and difficult in places, and I love the environments that go with it.  The dingy, smelly, foggy, apocalypse environment that we have all become too familiar with in recent games such as The Walking Dead and the Fallout series.  But we love them.

You start the game near enough towards present day, possibly a little earlier in time when you take note of all of the CD players and cassette players lying around in deserted houses.  I mean, who has them anymore?  Without letting on any spoilers here, something drastic happens with Joel that leaps to twenty years later where most of civilisation has more or less been wiped out from a contagious disease nobody knows anything about, and when Joel is given the task of delivering a young girl who is immune to the disease to a group called the Fireflies to help find a cure and save the world, you cannot help but warm to how the two bond together throughout the adventure.


Ellie and Joel


It starts off where Ellie and Joel are quite cold towards one another, but yet you cannot help but notice the love and care they end up showing towards each other as time progresses.  Almost as though Joel is in denial about being Ellie’s father figure  and at this moment in time, best friend.  He ends up being all she has got, and vice versa.  It’s not a romance, not in the slightest, the relationship is purely of love and affection in a friendly way that makes for tremendous viewing.  The cut-scenes in this game come around quite often, but they’re such fascinating scenes that you just cannot keep your eyes off the game, and you just want to keep playing, keep getting towards that next cut-scene to see what happens next.

An infected must bite the flesh of a human for it to transfer.  Very much like a zombie, but they are not zombies.  They look even more disgusting than that of a zombie if you ask me,  and I like to call the clickers cauliflower heads.  They have growths coming out of their skulls that look little pieces of cauliflower, to me anyway hehe.  Nevertheless, they are scary things when coming at you, and it is up to you (Joel) to stab them in the head with a shiv knife or blast them in the face with a few bullets before they come into contact with you.  The other things that are infected are the ‘runners’, fast, dazed infected.  They are not fully deformed as yet, but they are quite quick and agile, but these can be taken down with that of just a baseball bat or fists even.


cauliflower head, otherwise known as a ‘clicker’.

The PS4 version is slightly more superior to its PS3 version, with faster processor, better graphics and it also comes with all of the dlc.  However, I couldn’t give this version a higher score than the PS3 version because it’s not got the same feels as the first time around and I have noticed some glitches in the game where the  AI can start jerking out, some cut-scenes haven’t contained speech and it is these little things that I didn’t experience in the PS3 version.  These don’t happen very often so it is hardly game breaking, it is still a game you must own if you have a PS4.

You can play the game on a few difficulty levels, the hardest one being where you have limited ammo and not as very many check-points.  Scary stuff if you’re in for a challenge!

Crafting and finding the crafting materials make this game fun for roaming about trying to find the items before you leave the area.  It’s so simple to craft, you just press the big PS4 button in and it takes you to the screen that allows you to craft what weapons you might like.  I always try to have a shiv and fire bottles on me for the hordes that come!  Shivs are needed for sneaking up on clickers, plus it’s always handy to have a first aid kit at hand.  You can craft anywhere you like, even unrealistically in the middle of a battle if need be.  Joel will call out whoever is with him at that time to watch his back whilst he crafts a fire bottle, or a first aid kit etc.  It all feels very intense!  There are also crafting table Joel will use where he will upgrade his weapons.  New weapons are easy to miss, so be on the look out before you leave an area for any unfamiliar weapons lying about!


The crafting screen is pretty simple stuff if you have the correct ingredients.

As you go on your way, you will find certain people’s journals that tells you about their day and what they will be doing to help themselves survive this end of the world.  You can also find Ellie comics, and I think there is even a trophy for finding her every one.  It’s a nice feeling when you hear Joel say ‘here’s another one’ as he picks one up for her from the rubble of a deserted town house, or from the hand of a corpse.

The graphics are beautiful, the  gameplay is intense, the crafting is a nice feature and the characters are excellent.  Just get this game if you want a fantastic rollercoaster ride in the apocalypse.



  • Fantastic Graphics
  • Fantastic storyline
  • Intense gameplay
  • The odd glitch here and there
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