The Order 1886

[Review] This game is wonderfully stunning visually, but what about the gameplay?
The Details
  • Title: The Order 1886
  • Web: The Order 1886
  • Developer: Ready At Dawn
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Released: 20 February, 2015
  • Platforms: PS4
  • Reviewed On: PS4

Let’s admit it folks, this game was eagerly hyped mainly for one reason.  The graphics.  The game should not be ashamed of that statement, for it is one of the best looking games I have ever played on any console ever.  So in that field, it bloody succeeded in doing what it intended to do!  From gorgeous reflections, textures, facial features and werewolves, what does this game give us in terms of gameplay?  That’s what a game should mainly be about, right? Okay, I am just going to start off  by briefly telling y’all that this game is only five hours long.  I don’t like to sit here and slate gamers for not having lives, but I for one have a life, therefore it took me much, much longer than that to complete.  It almost felt as though I was leaving myself a chore to do to see this game through.  That’s not actually a good thing.  I’d say it took me a whole week, from working fulltime, having a house to run, to completing this game.  So the length of time was fine for me, but obviously for the much more hard-core gamer this might be a big issue as five hours long should not justify having to pay £50.00 for a game. The game is set in 1886 (obviously) in London, UK.  It’s always nice to have a game based in England, but it would be nice to have one based in London for once that doesn’t fuck up (ZombieU we are talking about you).  It’s the days of Jack The Ripper and poverty, women selling their bodies for coin and ale.  The fact of the matter is, everything based in this story is ahead of its time.  That includes the wireless communications device you use to communicate with the order.

Galahad. He has nice facial hair.

You are Galahad, a member of The Order.  You are rather dashing, have nice facial features, hair and facial hair.  Ahem. Had to fit that in.  Moving on, the basic story of the game, is that the little town of London has been overtaken by werewolves/half breeds.  Men that turn into this horrid creature, roam the streets at night.  It is your job my good friend, to try to put a stop to this whole nightmare.  The story is good.  Simple, but good.  Without giving too much away, you need to find out the cause of this werewolf thing before it is too late. It moves like your typical third person shooter.  When Galahad gets into a gunfight (this reminds me of the Uncharted series. Quite frequent, and how many enemies?!) he conveniently has things to take cover behind.  The gun play is easy enough though, and if you have played games like this before which I am sure you have, you will be all too familiar with how it plays.  It can however feel repetitive as time goes on. The werewolves/half breeds look stunning, and rather scary at times! I felt almost cowardly playing this game at night alone in the house once one of these came flying out of the dark at me.

One critical thing I did notice, and lots of games fall for this nowadays, was the amount of quick time events.  Jesus wept…why do developers think we enjoy these!?  You will often sit there finding yourself button bashing the square button until you have pushed a werewolf off you or turned a lever.  I know games are all about interaction, but honestly, this game seems to involve more button bashing than it does actual gunfire. The voice acting is tremendous I feel.  If you get that wrong, then you ruin the whole game, as far as I am concerned. I don’t want to be listening to Kermit the frog. During your travels, you get to read notes and check out photographs that are secretly placed.  If you manage to find them all, this does unlock a trophy (yay). I don’t think the game is that bad, but it is quite linear, and sometimes, apart from sitting there listening to the story and bashing a few buttons, you feel as though there isn’t much to do. There are a lot of cut scenes, but I found these rather fun to watch once the story started to unfold. However, when a shootout does come along, it can feel like it’s lasting forever. Again, much like the Uncharted series in my mind. It’s a respectable exclusive for the PS4, and I honestly don’t want to be too harsh about it because I really don’t think it is as bad as most critics claim. And Galahad is a cutey.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Familiar, easy gun play
  • Too short
  • Too many enemies at certain points.
  • Gets repetetive
  • Too many quick time events.
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