The Witcher 3 Is Announced!

[PC. ] News: The Witcher 3 is announced as an open world RPG!

The Witcher 3 has promised to be an open world RPG, bigger than Skyrim, and thirty times the size of The Witcher 2.  So finally, the Elder Scrolls series might actually have a serious competitor to rival up against when it comes to the best open world RPG war.

I was a massive fan of the first Witcher game.  It was a point and click action adventure game, that felt really nostalgic to play.  Witcher 2 was high on my pre-order list, and I got the collectors box with the clay Geralt head inside.  However, the game didn’t suck me in as much as the first.

We are hearing that despite the enormous size of the game, there won’t be a single loading screen.  This I am not too convinced about, but time will tell as CD Projekt look set to boost the graphics and gameplay on this, with some even wondering if it will make the cut onto the next-gen consoles.  This could be a big loss for the WiiU if the PS4 and Xbox 720 get their hands on this, for Nintendo will once again find themselves behind the pecking order.  Things are still yet to be confirmed, but you can guarantee you will be able to play this on high-end PC’s come 2014.

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