Titanfall Trolls Steam!

[News] - Titanfall on Steam! Sort of...

As most gamers know, EA are arseholes. No, wait, that’s not fair, lets start over.

In the past EA have had ‘reasonable‘ disagreement with Valve about various areas of publishing on Valves almighty software platform, Steam. EA decided to never release on Steam again, in favour of using their own platform, Origin. Alas, Steam users never received the huge pile of crap, I mean ‘hit‘, that was Battlefield 3/4. EA have continued refusing to use Steam to sell their games since that dreadful day, oh, how much we have missed out on, until today.

Titanfall hits Steam!


Except it isn’t Titanfall, it’s a making of documentary, that isn’t actually made by EA, but instead by the famous Doritos Pope, Geoff Keighley. From what I understand though, something like this (as with any form of official merchandise) EA will have had a say in its production. From where I’m sat, this simply looks like a sneaky attempt to slip Titanfall onto Steams front store page, what other purpose is there for something like this? It’s a digital book documenting the making of a game that isn’t in Steams catalogue.

It’s like having the Halo 5 trailer on the PS4, or having a bonus art book for Uncharted 4 inside the box of Resident evil 65: Wet Doormats of Death. It makes no sense. Also, it’s 10p cheaper on Steam than it is on Origin, what’s with that!? I can understand Mr Keighley possibly wanting to extend his possible audience and lets face it, Steam has the most users, but what exactly did he hope to gain from this release? His main audience are over on Origin, you know, where the game is. Unless someone ‘suggested‘ he released it over on Steam so that it went onto the store page… Hmmm.

So, just another one of EA’s publicity stunts by the looks of it, move along, nothing to see here…



Titanfall is a registered turd of EA, no after purchase support is given or suggested in the purchase of their products, all bugs and glitches are final.
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