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[Review] How does the new image of Lara Croft look?  More importantly, how is the new Tomb Raider?
The Details
  • Title: Tomb Raider
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Crystal Dynamics
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Released: 5 March, 2013
  • Platforms: PC XBox 360 PS3
  • Reviewed On: PC

It is my birthday!! And what a fantastic present I got – Tomb Raider for the pc.

Lara Croft is one of the most famous faces in video gaming history, and this is certainly her best adventure in almost a decade.  Lara is 22 years of age, and a rookie adventurer still learning the ropes.  She decides to take her group of explorers on a trip that ends in tragic circumstances.  Lara blames herself for the tragic events that have unfolded, and you will hear her whining quite a lot at the beginning of the game.  You get used to it though, and she does turn out to be quite the bad ass once she gets hold of a bow and arrow.

Poor deer...

Poor deer…

The graphics are extraordinary, and you can tell that the game developers spent a lot of time on her hair and a lot less time on her noticeably reduced bust.  She gets lots of blood, mud, and water all over her clothes, yet her hair seems to stay immaculate and beautifully shiny throughout.  I wonder what shampoo she uses?

Uncharted sprang to my mind a lot whilst jumping off the walls, climbing ledges and having debris falling all around me.  It would be unfair though to compare, seeing as Lara Croft has been around a lot longer than Nathan Drake.  Just a shame I don’t get to stare at Nathan Drake’s bottom whilst adventuring.  Lara will have to do.

One thing that really does annoy me more than anything, is the amount of quick time events that occur during the adventure.  If you don’t press a button at the right time, or if you don’t dodge when it tells you to dodge at that exact moment, you die.  Luckily it reloads back at the event again, so you don’t have to start ages back, but what is the point?  It may as well just play a video, and let me carry on exploring.

Exploring is fun.  You can go on the look out for materials that you can use to craft your weapons at camp fires, and you also level up, allowing you to give Lara some skill points onto either her survival or hunting abilities.  This can all be done at the camp, and it even autosaves nicely for you afterwards.  Autosaves are frequent, and I thank the game for that.

Look at that hair...

Look at that hair…

It would have been nice to have had less action, more puzzles.  But that’s the direction the series has been heading down for a few years now.  Plus the boys like to see Lara getting down and dirty with a revolver.  I just like to admire her hair.  But if it is presentation that you’re after, then this is the best looking Lara model we have had for a few years now.

It has online multiplayer, allowing you to play as some of the characters from story mode.  But it won’t keep you entertained for long, as some of the capture the flag missions can get quite repetitive and Tomb Raider is a story driven game.  If you are buying this game just for the multiplayer, then you really do need to give yourself a good slap.  Preferably on the left buttock.

If you are looking for a fast-paced, action adventure game with a few bits of puzzle solving here and there, then this is the latest, greatest game for you.  If you are new to the Tomb Raider series, think of Uncharted.  If you liked that, then you will love this.

Now, let me get back to that hair!


  • Stunning graphics and animation.
  • Engaging story that differs greatly from the original Tomb Raider.
  • Fun exploration of what almost feels like an open map.
  • Weapon upgrades and abilities give you more fire power as the game gets tougher.
  • Quick time events are not fun. They never have been, so stop doing them!
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