Check out our nerd toys!

We here in the corner are big babies.  If we are not throwing our toys out of the pram, then we are very much keeping them close.  Gaming has turned into a popular culture.  You can find merchandise for all of your gaming desires.  Nintendo is particuarly popular when it comes to toys.

A few bits from my Nintendo collection

Our Naytoe here at the corner is a Halo fan.  Halo is a massive franchise.  It can be found in comics and there has even been talk of a film.  Check out his new Halo remote control Warthog below.


This Warthog is a beast!

Recently, I purchased Lego Batman 2 Dc Heroes for the PS3.  Inside, I also got a Lex Luthor Lego dude!!! I even got to put him together myself and everything!  Check him out!


Got to get myself a Kryptonite gun…


And there you have it, dears!  Maybe we will do a toy collection part 2 when we add more to our ever growing collection.  Until then – keep it nerdy!

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