[OUYA/Mobile. ]  Watch your back.  The chase is on.
The Details
  • Title: Vector
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Nekki
  • Publisher: Nekki
  • Released: 28 November, 2013
  • Platforms: OUYA Mobile Other
  • Reviewed On: OUYA

Vector started out as a free PC online game, and on an Android mobile.  Now it has come to the OUYA, and it is one of my favourite chill out games.

It’s a side scrolling running game, where the aim of it is to basically run for your life.  You are getting chased by what looks like some kind of SWAT team man, as he pulls out all the stops to try to stop you with his taser gun.

The computer controls the running for you.  All you have to do is pull off the moves when indicated.  You can unlock moves the more you progress with in-game money.  The moves are pretty pointless, but offer you rewards and sometimes shortcuts through the levels.


The bubble on the left indicates how far or close your chaser is to you.

The game feels beautiful on the OUYA game pad, but there are a few glitches I dare say.  One I have had a few gripes with, has to be where he would just not respond to one of my moves.  I had to perform it to be able to progress, it involved me jumping a fair distance through a window.  But there was no way he would pull it off.  So I had to restart the game to be able to get that to work.  One other complaint is that there is a noticeable lag within the game.  The more the screen side-scrolls, the heavier the lag.  Whether this can be fixed in an update remains to be seen.

Graphically it is a clever piece.  All dark shadows indicating where  the objects are and what they do.  It isn’t perfect, but is one of the best OUYA games at the moment.


  • Graphically interesting.
  • Different to your usual games.
  • Can be infuriating.
  • Just another take on "the impossible game".
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