Virtual Families

[Mobile.] - Review: Why not try having a portable family in your pocket?
The Details
  • Title: Virtual Families
  • Web: Official Site
  • Developer: Last Day of Work
  • Publisher: Last Day of Work
  • Released: 17 June, 2011
  • Platforms: Mobile
  • Reviewed On: Other

Platform: Android, iphone

Reviewed: Android

Virtual Families is a fun, interactive game that allows you to take control of a family of your choice, whilst watching them grow up, have kids and live life at their own free will.  I know what you’re thinking – ‘oh, a bit like The Sims, then?’.  Yes, exactly like that but well…just not as good.

The game will continue to run in the background whilst the application is closed, making going back to the game more and more fun each time.  When you re-open the game, you may receive a pop-up that allows you to make a decision regarding a circumstance, or you can read the latest emails received on your families computer.  Look out for the spam emails especially for they can be hilarious at times.  There is quite a bit of interaction available, and it is often important to get your character into a relationship ASAP.  To do this, you find a he or she on the Internet! ooo er!  That he or she will then fall in love with you and move in…even though you have never even met and you could be a murdering psychopath dressed in a clown suit for all they know.  They will then bring their money into the household with them.

The Family Tree is useful for keeping track of family history. Incase you forget who Grandma is…

Free-will can be quite annoying in this game, for you could place some groceries you bought for your character onto the kitchen table for them to put away and they will often just refuse to do it.  You really have to make sure you grab them and place them down on the exact spot to get them to do what they are told.  This can get really frustrating.

The characters have very big eyes.

The graphics are cute, but it is just a shame you can’t explore any further than in your house.  This is a fun game to pass the time, but it’s one that you may get quickly bored with and never switch on again, leaving your family to die a slow, painful death.  You cruel person.

  • Great for passing the time.
  • Gets a little boring after a while.
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