We’re Back! Quick! Grab Your Controller!

Here at Coupes Corner we have been busy with real life stuff.  But we are now back and getting ready to bash our buttons once more!

So what’s been going off in the world of gaming since we vanished?  Well, the main talking point for us around the place is the Playstation Vita.  It is certainly the best handheld system out there and we have a review of it coming over the next few days!  We wet ourseleves on its release as we just didn’t expect it to be as good as it is!  More on that in the review.

Moving on, I have also been impressed with what is possibly the Wii’s final bow with RPG gaming before the release of the WiiU, and that is The Last Story.  It is a fantastic in-depth RPG and certainly gives us hardcore gamers something to get our teeth into on the Wii, which is rare!

We’ll also be having reviews of the Uncharted series coming up, and football fans take note of our upcoming FIFA Football review for the Vita.

If it’s up to date stuff you’re after, then a Prototype 2 review will also be coming shortly.

These are just tasters of what we have coming over the next few weeks.  But we just want you to know that we are not dead.  We just have lives.  But we’d like all of you little people trapped inside our computer to keep visiting us.

Thanks one and all!

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