WiiU Sales On The Up

[News] WiiU sales on the rise.

The WiiU hasn’t had a very good time on the market since launch.  Even the big supermarket chain ASDA stopped stocking it due to poor sales.  However, with the recent release of the Gamecube classic Zelda Windwaker HD it has risen in sales drastically.

Nintendo haven’t released exact figures, but rumours are of a 600% increase in sales.  Maths was never my strong point, but at least it’s a little bit of good news for Nintendo, who must have been getting fairly worried about the WiiU’s slump in the UK.  The UK is the country it seems to have failed in the most, but with a release of Mario 3D World and the new Sonic Lost World game, software seems to be on the up.  Just hope it isn’t all too little to late.

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